Can we do a survey ; Where are you ? Whats the economy like where you are ? What is the rental price of a decent apartment ? Rental price decent house ? Price of gas ?Crime? Entertainment? Social Activities? Weather ? Cost of Living ?

    I don't believe the news and I would like to know whats really going on

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    It's all to dear we are all paying through the nose to keep a few very greedy people in a life of oppulence

    In Australia.

    Not too bad.

    $500:00 per week.

    About $500:00 Per week.

    Petrol $1:50 Per litre

    Crime high amongst some ethnic groups.



    Weather's even more wonderful.

    Cost of living increasing fast. Higher than the USA and most countries, owing to price gouging.


    Wow ! So housing is at 2,000 a month . Thats very high compared to here . Rentals for house are at 1,200 to 1,500 a month. Gas is 3.50 a gallon . Thanks for your answer .

    Bluesman, there are about 4litres of petrol to 1 gallon. We also have high wages here, but it's so much better than anywhere else.
    I keep chickens and I grow a lot of my own vegetables and fruit. I only live in a residential area.

    Bulletman's home town""


    that looks fabulouse you are very fortunate to live in a place like that! xx

    Thanks MEL , there's no place like home. my ancestors originally came from, would you believe it,from KENT.

    I'm from South Australia, the economy although on the rise is still great compared to the rest of the world. Petrol ( gas to to the Americans ) is $1.50 per litre which is a ripp off. Rental prices are roughly the same for both units and houses, ranging from $260 - $900 per wk. or more depending on location. i'ts spring now, the days are mild around 20c, but the nights are cool 11 - 15c but that will change soon when temps. wiil rise 32c - 40+c in December - March., at night 20c - 35c sometimes with humidity. the crime here is relatively low compared to the other states, but some of the crimes can be horrific aspecially between the Bikies. Far as entertainment goes there is something going on all year round, The Adelaide Festival of Arts, Womalade, Fringe, Gay mardi gra, 


    thats all i can do no room left thank god

    Southwest UK

    Economy in dramatic decline

    Apartment - About £600 a month

    House- About £6-800 a month

    Gas - don't know exactly but expensive.

    Crime - low and under control

    Entertainment - Can be inexpensive locally, travel to the cities, expensive.

    Social Activities - Brilliant

    Weather- Beautiful in spring summer and autumn - cold and snowy in the winter.

    Cost of living - Increasing by the day



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