how do you wax a car

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    Try googling it. Be careful though, as although it is a seemingly simple thing, there are a few tricks to keeping it from becoming a labor intensive nightmare.

    Do it in the shade.never in the sun.Apply the wax with a circular rubbing motion.Use it sparingly.Allow it to dry & then rub off with a soft cloth.

    Do a small section at a time,like a fender Or a door.never wax the whole car at once as the wax will harden & become very difficult to rub off.

    Wash the car first to remove any grit that will scratch the paintwork.

    Get some buddies to help you but don't mention beer until the job is finished.LOL.

    Right hand wax on, Left hand wax off  Grasshopper . All the above is true as well

    Small area's at a time so the wax does'nt dry out on you making it hard to buff out.And out of the sun.

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