i'm so happy are you?

    got another girl friend!

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    Every dog has its day.  Congratulations. 

    I hope you feel the same way in 3 weeks.



    I love that pic.. Seen it before but I crack up every time I see it.. LOL

    He's thinking, "oh boy, rump roast!"

    Very cute.

    Good for you,i hope it works out.

    Ecstatic, overjoyed and thrilled!

    Treat her right but don't let her treat you like dirt. Good luck.

    good luck

    You sound like you're in love, write back in 3 weeks.........

    yes very happy when my Wife says "Jump i can jump right out of my trousers .Thats the way she gets my undies off to wash.


    Is that all...?

    "oh she just laughs at the rest.You know she said you ought to do something about "that body "dig a hole and bury it or a transplant.I thought I looked like James Bond.Ha more like Brook Bond as in tea bag.

    Everyday we can choose to be happy.  You can try life on everyday.  We should be happy.  Life is zoooooom and then gone.  Congrads!  I'm happy too.

    Usually happy, but today I had a tooth removed and my big mouth doesn't have anything to say, but my fingers do.

    Not really happy at all, I have a new girlfriend too, her name is "internal revenue Service'.. She's way too expensive for my taste.  I wish I could figure out how to dump her, she's making me go broke.  She's not even that good looking and all she does is complain that I'm hiding my money and insists on knowing everything about me and gives me nothing in return. She's more of a prostitute than a girlfriend. But at least a prostitute gives you something for your money.


    ROFL !!!!!!! Too Funny Vinny~!

    i hear you vinny!!!

    Great for today but what about tomorrow?

    Jesus loves you everyday....... Happy Easter!

    Good luck with her.Im happier than i was earlier,had problems with my fish tank.Hes sorted for the time being,ive got chocolate,so yes actually-im happy!

    Yes happy easter bunny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Happy as a fish in a just cleaned fishbowl...

    Happy trails to you, until we meet again. 

    yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

    same to u


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