Is anybody else dreading winter?

    It's said some people have a hard time getting through winters because of the lack of sunlight and vitamin D.  Some actually have to buy sunlamps to ward off the symptoms of vitamin D deprevation.   Does the extended lack of sunlight during the winter affect you negatively??  What do you do to "get over it". 

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    I always dreaded the winter,so now instead of dreading it, I adapt my routines to work with it. For me the winter is time to make hot soup and warming meals in general. It is a time to bring out the warm throws and cosy up in the evenings to catch up in movies I wouldn't watch in the summer. It is a time to look forward to family building igloos and snowmen, when the snow arrives, then dishing out mugs of hot chocolate and mulled wine. Although I am a summer person,especially given the fact, the part of the world I live in, although our summers are usually mixed regarding weather, it is bright until around 11pm and never really gets pitched black, then it gets very dark around 5pm in the height of winter,so it is the long bright days and nights I miss the most.  


    Any possibility of a boarder at your home this winter? EXCEPT for the dark, it all sounds wonderful. Where do you live?

    what state do you live in ?

    I literally hibernate in winter,i don't like it at all.When the days are cold and gloomy so is my mood,therefore my depression gets set off,over eating occurs ,daggy tracksuits and ugg boots are my daily choice of dress.If i do go out i just want to get back home because it is cold,never fail to get the flu/colds or chest infections.I choose not to run a heater because of soaring electricity prices.So winter to me is not a good time.


    Exactly. Exactly. The only difference is that I tend to stay healthy. Very rarely have the heater on for the same reason. Just add layers ! Take care of yourself. Do you get a flu or pneumonia shot?

    You see how clever some animals are they hibernate - so do I nowadays.I am fortunate with heating as my flat is only seven feet tall would you believe - shame.

    Brutal winter ahead for Midwest

    “People in Chicago are going to want to move after this winter.” said Long-Range Meteorologist Josh Nagelberg.

    National Weather Service – Winter Storm Warning – Snowfall will range from 8 to 12 inches with local accumulations up to 18 inches.


    we'll know better in the spring what the winter is going to be like ;-)

    I've lost weight so I'm looking forward to wearing the jeans I packed away a year ago... And I love the chance to wear sweaters.  Not to worry, I'll probably be wearing shorts at Christmas time. Our winter is not long lived...Austin, TX............


    I'm so envious !


    I always hate winter. If it snowed once a year-Christmas. I would be happy. So why was I born and stayed in the Midwest? Soon to be FMAO


    what is FMAO ?

    I am ordering a S.A.D. light for my clients. We barely had a summer this year. Four weeks in total of nice warm sunny days and here we are in fall, no wonder the feeling of sadness overwhelms people. Sun deprivation is a serious matter. I may take in a daily dose of sun under the light myself along with good doses of vitamin D. I was thinking of having a Mexican party in mid winter where everyone dresses the part and brings a Mexican dish along. Could brighten up the winter blues as well.

    No I am not looking forward to Winter even as we speak I have put the heating on. I am hoping to move from my flat as it a basement flat - OK when I was out working but not good now I am retired part of why I have amongst other things felt so bad for the last six years..

    A Doctor friend of mine back in 1988 when I moved here said I must get S.A.D. lights I have three but forget to use them - two big ones and a little on like a picture frame on the bedside sort of table There are also those strip lights which give natural light I recommended them to my vetinary nurse as she was complaining of it being so dark there they now have them. Also they are good in dental surgeries-can see colour of teeth better.

    I am afraid if you blinked you would have missed our Summer here in the UK and they forecast the winter to be very bleak.

    Never have liked the wiinter weather. Getting around from stable yard to stable yard to shoe the horses is a job on it's own! 

    I hate winter. It's a waste of time. You can't go out and do yard work and talk to your neighbors.You can't ride  you bike or your moped, or do anything . Everybody around here kinda feels depressed for about 5 months of winter. But. those lucky people in the south, like my nephew and his family still get to go out biking adn go to farmers markets adn surfing adn all those cool things in winter, b/c they live in Florida. Here, in the winter, it's just shovel snow, salt the ice, then break it up. Then shovel more snow. It's a vicious cycle. Winter is for kids. I did like to play outside in the snow when I was a kid.


    It's beginning to sound like a bunch of us should get a time share in Florida!! Thank you for your answer, mycatsmom.

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