is a bullet shot up in the air a danger to someone?

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    What goes up has gotta come down........somewhere!

    A bullet shot anywhere can be dangerous to someone. Shot in the air, it could be dangerous to the shooter even. Don't play with fire arms, go to a target range.

    I've heard of a man being killed by a falling bullet. The bullet always ends up somewhere....


    Yes it has been known.

    This question was answered several months ago.


    I wasn't here several months ago. What was the general answer?

    Hi jhharlan - the general answers were about the same as they are going now x.

    Thanks for your time and trouble... I had figured as much...

    History repeats it's self.

    If a bullet is fired in the air gravity will eventually catch up to it and if ends up in someone's cranium that would be a drainium... don't you think?

    I believe 'terminal velocity' is about 200 MPH or about 320 km/h.. Taken a 180 grain bullet regardless if it were fired upwards from a gun or dropped from a building, its terminal downward velocity would be the same.  If this bullet hit you in the head, you are just as dead as if the gun were fired at you from a distance away.  Probably not as messy though, but dead nonetheless.

    It is not only irresponsible shooting a firearm upwards, it is extremely dangerous.  You see the people of the middle east celebrating firing their AK-47's upwards, you can also imagine there's many undocumented injuries and/or deaths as a result of this insane practice. . 


    Good answer Vinny!

    odds are probally not . but why take a chance on invoulantry  manslaughter..

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