how long do spiders live

    spiders that are local to the UK

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    Their lives are often hanging by a thread.

    Till I step on

    Dunno about the UK but if one gets into my house it does not live long at all.


    That is inexcusable. Is that supposed to be funny?

    Nope just do not like spiders or insects in my house.

    w-b, how is this inexcusable? I kill spiders too. I'll not risk that one is the kind that can bite and make me sick or kill me or my pets.

    Hi Colleen. If you are referring to those few dangerous spiders then I can understand you but the question was about "spiders that are local to the UK" and we don't have any of them in the UK.
    I will check up one day to see if they are classified as vermin but I doubt it. They are lovely friendly creatures.

    Well both Darci and I are from the United States and we do have venomous spiders here, so we choose not to take the risk. If I can, I toss them outside. If not, I squish them.

    Spiders are on vacation in my house... I can't kill them and apparently they are useful.  This is the time of year the males show themselves.

    Most spiders live for up to two years but some can actually live up to 25!

    not sure about the UK, but thers been a bloody great big hairy thing here in the office all night, they terrify me,never know where theyv'e gone

    they can live as long as they want in the UK, but it alls depends on size, environment and their luck in avoiding people with newspapers, shoes, vacuum cleaners etc, but i read anywhere between 1 - 20 years!

    Here in Australia its a first strike situation, kill or be killed.""  

    these live in the house sometimes before i kill em. these only make you sick.""

    these live in the garden and will kill you rather quickly. :-)


    So ugly they just look like they need squishing, lol
    Grit Savage

    I find using the Dyson on full extension is the best way to get them in the house, but the funnel web spiders are violent nasty buggers and they will attack unprovoked, so all you can do is be vigilant or nuke the place! ;-)

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