Ok, you mayy be right, but I hired someone to do that end of the Business, See when you own you Business you hire peopel for one reson, are they going to make the Copany money. If not they are gone, Over the years I have seen people who can wite a wonderful letter , but could not do what counts , make the money, You are not helpful at all, as a matter of fact I sense your a bit of rude person who has always workecd for someone else. Nothing wrong with that you depend on others to pay you

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    You can not explain business to a employee . They think because the door is open the supply of money is endless. They will never know the mornings when your eyes are open and you are a 1000 dollars behind before you have a bowl of cereal. Thats if no one screws things up and the book keeper don't call and you need a computer,yours just crashed  ,or the phone guy is charging 85 .00 a hour to fix a damaged phone line caused by a warehouse worker. A delivery is at the warehouse and can you drop off a check for 20,000 . Not even in the shower yet .and stuff is hitting the fan . I know your pain !  Thats only Monday . I know why you are smiling as you here your employees saying to each other "Don't wok too hard "  LOL  They think there checks are too small ,maybe so but its a check .  So says a small business person with a one man operation. I employ myself and I must make money and there is no one to blame for anything but me !!!! LOL !!

    No...actually I have worked for myself and run my own company up until the economy bottomed out. I work for someone else now, in a completely different field that the economy hasn't been so hard on. it's no big deal, it's a living, and I enjoy the work. Working for someone else, you won't be able to hire someone to compensate for weaknesses or inability. But, you should understand one thing also, and that is in being candid with someone, it is not always rude. But, sometimes it is more in being straightforward, factual, and getting to the point that needs to be raised, rather than taking the touchy-feely aproach and addressing nothing at all that should be addressed. That is called focus, which usually gets buried under the euphemisms of the touchy-feely approach, that you seem to want to hear instead of an earnestly factual response. 

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