how do you train a dog to stop barking

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    Often a dog will bark if he is bored, give him something to play with, or be with him more.

    I taught my dog to "speak" and he knew what "no" meant so, when he barked, I would tell him "no speak!"..........It worked but then, he was a smart dog....

    I have two dogs that were driving me crazy with their barking...One is a bit blind and so he barks at the smallest movement the other is mentally  challenged and she barks when he barks although she has no clue what on the planet she is barking at...It took a lot of effort but now I can say that I don't have barky dogs any more. 

    I was on top of the situation and brought my dogs inside with the command, "No Bark"  every time they started up...then slowly I began praising them when they would run to the fence and NOT bark...this, they responded to well.   I kept at it for months...command and praise... Now they have one bark and that is the end of if to say, "Hey You!  We are here!"

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    Well peoplelover this is a new member, you are the man to answer her question, come on!

    when a dog barks he normally is craving for attention so speak to him do not shout in low voice say no and stand up and turn your back on him animals hate it if you turn your back on them as they like to look at you full on not so much your eyes and keep doing this and he will stop barking good luck

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