why peoples commit so much crime psychological way

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    Because they are bored silly.......

    The mind is a vast storehouse of experience that may or may not be helpful in dealing with life’s situations. Events in a persons life often trigger memories as a normal function of mind and memory such as remembering the name of a friend you may encounter in a store while shopping. When common place events are confused or distorted by violence, pain, strong emotional events or some drugs or food reactions, a sensible response may not be possible by the person who is so affected. They may express anger or outrage over common events because their mind no longer provides them with reasonable answers and they find their lack of control of their own mind to be caused not from within their own mind but by those around them  and they feel hurt or threatened by those around them. This type of reaction is common with people who are experiencing a stroke, heart attack and other similar events indicating some sort of problem within their thinking. Confusion accompanied by radical behavior is strong indicator of some form of internal problem  has not been dealt with properly or medically. 


    Robertgrist...if you ever write a book and it is published please let me know.

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