do you think children should have pets!

    hi pythonlover yes he is my boy his name is Oscar and he was rescue cat though we did have to pay for him he was abused by a child of 4yrs he use to use him as apuch bag and a football lucky we heard of the this and made a offer they couldnt refuse he doesnt like children which I cant blame him but he is a Mummys boy and so affectionate he is two now and the breed is a British Blue though his colouring is Liac blue everyone says he should be in commercals but I wouldnt want him to do anything he doesnt want to do! he is just our little boy sorry to have gone on about him but I think he is so special thank you for asking about him! xxx 

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    Hi Mel,just wondering if the cat in the picture is yours,if it is ,it is the cutest little cat i have ever seen."So pretty"

    pythonlover sorry my comment went in the wrong box! its above in the question thanks for asking anyway xxx

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     I think it is great when a family has pet(s),  and the care of the pet(s) should be a family affair.  The pet(s) need to be fed, played with, cleaned up after, bathed, trained, loved, and reprimanded appropriately.  That's alot to expect a child to do.   
    Give the child guidance in the care of the pet and share the responsibility.  If the adult grumbles about taking care of the pet(s), shows impatience or disinterest in the pet(s), the child will do the same.  As I've said before, CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE.
    Be a good example to the child when it comes to loving a pet.  Don't have them if you aren't willing to give them the time and care they need. 
    A positive pet experience should have a positive influence on the child's development, empathy, compassion, and dependability.


    thank you so much every thing you have said I agree 100% xxxx

    Thank you for choosing my answer as the best. You asked a good question. Pets are wonderful additions to a family and great for children, but you can't just put them on a shelf when you are done playing with them. They aren't toys!

    quite agree Bob they are part of the family unit xxx

    Yes. They will become more caring and compassionate as adults.


    really agree on that Ann

    Absolutely.  I agree with Ann and Benchong.


    so do I fish girl xx

    yes absolutey no family is complete with out a pet


    thank you Daren I think when children are young it gives them stabalibilty for when they get older and helps them to respect animals as well!

    Children who love pets are compassionate.


    so right benchong xxx

    Yes, and for many it is their first experience of real grief, an important element of life. 


    Yes I belive that to west-bus it is so important xxx

    Yes i feel children should have a pet .A pet  can be comforting to a child, they make a great companion.Children can learn to respect and care for the animal and also to understand that animals have feelings too.


    100/% right pythonlover xxx

    Yes I agree with everyone else here, it helps teach them to be loving and caring people. And animals give that love back don't they, so that helps to make children understand how other people feel when they show their love to them.


    oh so true sunnyB thank you xx

    I sure do - I think it teachs them to be kind, gentle and gives them a responsibility to care for a helpless little creatures and in return they will get love and comfort when they need it  in return  or just a great extension to their family life.


    thank you so much dopey for lovely comment and everything you are saying is so right xx

    I would like to know your oppinion on that if children do have pets do you think it makes them a better person when they grow up!

    Pets make house look like home also, Children to understand and love them. I think it is lovely to see cat sitting on window sill  also. Feel of country living.



    meandrupert, Thank you, love pic of cat. xxx

    thanks Dollybird xx

    For sure!! A pet gives responsibilty , and the child can play and the animal is happy . I think a dog is the best well thats just me. but if you give them a dog while they are young then they will grow up together and the child will aiways remeber thier first dog or cat . I think little boys benefit the most from a dog than they would a cat. Me I was the local pet rescuer is that a word? Anyway I would pick up any stray off the street and bring it home. My Mother would fuss at first but then she would give in . The best pet I ever had was one someone abandoned at a rest stop.So yes let chidren have pets!!


    thank you so much for the effort you put in writing this thanks again a nd I do agree with you xxx

    Absolutely yes, but adults must have the final responsibility for well-being of the pet.

    That would be like saying "D'you think children should have a TV?" or "D'you think children should have access to the Internet?"  If the parents have no objection to there being pets in the house then the answer is yes.  "D'you think children should buy a pet" however is a different question.  The age at which children can actually buy a pet has been raised in the UK from 12 to 16.

    Actually it seems in Britain we don't grow up as quickly as we used to, as the age for buying cigarettes and fireworks has been raised from 16 to 18.  They were also thinking of raising the legal driving age by one year but never have done.

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