Rolling Stones, Beatles, or ?????

    The 60's and 70's were "my time" for music.  Who is your favorite group from that era?  Or if you want, share some of your favorite tunes from those wild and crazy times.  Just for fun...

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    Bob, hav'nt you asked this question before, i feel like Daja veos.

    Hi bulletman, and no, this is a new question from me. It is very likely someone else posted this question before me. I should check on that because I do get annoyed seeing the same question from 6 guys all worried about the sizes of their......well, you get my drift.

    Sorry about that Bob, it has been posted before, but 'Who' cares , my answer below.

    Bob are you an American?

    it was me who posted a question!

    Mel, i might have known, but this reapeted question is great, i have to think of a different answer each time.

    bulletman: Yes, I am an American. Have lived my whole life in California. New York is the only state where I have spent more than a couple of in-laws lived in NY and we would take extended trips to visit. Where are you?

    In fact, where is everybody from? I know this question has been asked, but include your locale here if you want.

    13 Answers

    The Stones, The Who, David Bowie, 10 CC, Neil Young, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Manfred Mann, Van Morrison, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground, Roxy Music, The Greatful Dead, The Pretenders, The Cranberries, Simple Minds, Tom Petty, Alice Cooper, The Kinks, Kiss!...Sound Garden, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Limp Bizkit (strange and true)...Alice in Chains...Green Day, Sinead O'Connor, The Tragically Hip, REM................................................


    LOL Maybe the question for you, fish girl, is who you don't care to listen to! Do you have the music going while you throw?

    ....I have a new stereo for my studio so yes...NIN, Peter Gabriel, The Doors, Eric Blues phase, Bob Marley, early U2, Bob Geldof and Johnny Cash......Good question Bob/PKB. Thanks!

    All of them, Beatles, Stones, Animals, Who, Small Faces, Yardbirds, Cream, Manfred Man, Band, Doors, Chicago, Hendrix, Beach Boys, Mama's & the Papa's, Moody Blues, Creedance, Santana, Crosby Stills Nash, Zeppelin, Floyd , Supertramp, etc, all bring back fabulous memories.  I forgot the home grown group AC/DC.


    Your answer made me think that music is for memories. There are certain songs that generate a memory....usually a good one!

    Saw Supertramp once,one of the best shows I've ever seen.



    UP there with my favourites Mel, especially ROLLED GOLD.

    me too love them though bullitman I have never heard of the song called rolled gold? xx

    And your favorite Stones' song(s)?

    Ignore this. I get impatient with my computer. It seems to know which buttons to push to annoy me and I just push buttons back at it.

    Sorry MEL, Rolled Gold is a double album with all their hit songs, my favourite Stones song, Bob , SATISFACTION played incredibly LOUD.

    thanks bullitman and Bob I am not good with albums never bought them coundnt afford them! thanks xxx

    I hav'nt an out right favourite song, the two i would like to be played at my funeral sevice;  IMAGINE & A WHITER SHADE OF PALE.


    ....make sure someone knows that! One song I'd like at my funeral is the Hawaiian singer, Izzy, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World".

    Dire Straits, Queen ,The Eagles and Pink


    What a cross section!

    LOVE........ Pink Floyd  Led Zeppelin  Rolling Stones  Black Sabbath  Deep Purple  Suzi Quartro  Bowie  Fleetwood Mac  Rod Stewart .And the best of all "AC/DC".


    :D Suzi Quartro! I remember her!

    Pat Boone, Brenda Lee, Connie Francis ..... Oh, am I showing my age?


    You certainly are, but in a very good way. They are the ones who helped lay a foundation for those who followed them. How about Dusty Springfield???

    Elton John.



    Too many to name,but anything rock&roll,one of my fav.'s would be Van Morrison "Into the Mystic"(original version) and the whole "Moondance" lp,Joe Cocker would be another...


    I was hoping to hear from you, ClevelandRick!
    Is Cleveland a good venue for rock concerts? Fresno has Journey, Foreigner and somebody else here on the 12th. Looking forward to that.

    Hey Bob,well here we are a year later and still there's nothing like Rock&Roll.It's funny because Cleveland used the be the land of great concerts,but of late not so much and the Rock&Roll hall of fame is right here in Cleveland.But oh boy,I sure have seen some good ones in years gone by,and some that I just don't remember :).My older brother and I sold Beatles buttons when they was in Cleveland,I'm pretty sure the year was 1966,that would have made me 11 years old.I've even seen Elvis once (1972),never a big fan but man did that guy put on a hell of a show,really got into him after I saw him live.Don't get me wrong,we still rock&roll here,my hair down to my as* fits right in.

    Our PBS station used rock n roll to get a huge donation from me last year. Watching the old masters (Jay and the Americans, for example) on B/W video sucked me right in. I will never get tired of those oldies.

    the clash,ramones and sex pistols.. i was heavily into the punk rock..


    I've heard OF them, but not HEARD them.

    daren did were your jeans held up with safty pins! if not you were never a punk!

    not only through my jeans but my ears as well..

    Hi Bob i am from the UK but lived in the states for two years lived in the middle east lived in spain and stayed in south africa for just over 6 months now back in the UK

    my favorite songs for the stones are Honky Tonk Woman..Miss You...Ruby Tuesday...Satisfaction.....Fade Away....Come On....and not for getting Jumping Jack Flash


    I like those....Under My Thumb I like, too, although it is so chauvanistic. Have a great day's way past time for me to be getting something done around here!

    thanks Bob yes under my thumb I liked it but didnt if you get what i mean! xxx

    Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell. , The Seekers,Andy Stewart, Slim Dusty, tex Morton, Reg Linsay. Oh1 damn! I just blew my age.


    You are only as young as you feel. That's what "they" say. I've not heard of Slim or Tex or that blowing MY age?
    The Seekers: "I'll Never FInd Another You"??

    Slim Dusty was a major Aussie Country and Western singer song writer. Mostly with Aussie theme. "pub with no beer" was his most famous.
    Ditto Tex Morton " I`m gonna ride to heaven on a streamlined train"
    Ditto Reg Lindsay "A Man named Armstrong walked upon the Moon"
    Slim and Reg were both inducted into the Nashville Hall of Fame, don`t think Tex was.

    Re your "your only as young as you feel" I thought it was "You are only as old as the girl/man you feel"

    I loved The Monkeys. Now Im country fan, Charlie Pride my fav.


    Peter Tork was just too cute for me! Charlie Pride is awesome. Thanks for your answer.

    your welcome. Bob

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