Will women date men with gray hair or is this a turn off ?

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    Grey hair is sexy on a man...I call them threads of knowledge;)


    O do i love now.

    I'm dang smart then !

    Benthere, I hear ya, TU.

    In that case I am the wisest of the wise, white as snow.

    Threads of knowledge baby;)

    I'm so glad I got a little grey, salt and pepper, LOL !!

    mom, you are the Pied Piper here with these old guys. Where are you going to lead them? :D

    lol...thats funny Bob

    It comes down to personality, looks, and much more than just hair colour. 



    Grey hair would not bother me,but then again i am 49.Not so sure if a younger woman would like it.

    Depends on how old the lady is, it probably is a turn off for younger ladies. You might ought to get some JUST FOR MEN, just in case.


    ha ha ha ha ha you could use some rit or tea bags

    That's a good idea carmaxable, I got some tea bags LOL !!!!!!!

    No,Its a turn-on for me. I love grey hair on men.


    I knew there was a reason I liked you Ann

    My husband is just beginning to go grey and it is lovely.


    Good answer.

    Well I'm grey now but I call it silver & I don't care whether it turns women off or on.I think the biggest turn off would be the guys who try to camoflage it with hair dye. It is always so easy to tell they have dyed their hair & these are the guys with the gold chains around their necks & lots of costume jewellery.


    and their top three buttons open ...

    on their shirt

    well I only assumed you meant shirt.LOL.
    Sounds like you know the type I'm talking about.

    I am often referred to as "The Silver Fox"
    As far as men colouring their hair to me they are the most unstable, unsure of who they are you could ever meet.
    If you are a man and you colour your hair and so take offence at what I wrote----Stiff bikkies.

    trying to look young just looking stupid! lmao!

    I love grey on a man, real gray. I think it's sexy....


    specially if they well groomed!

    Does ashe blond count,???????



    That probably really depends upon the woman, but also the man and how he presents himself, and also his status in life. Regarding either gender, people usually find what they are looking for if they look hard enough...but sometimes you just got to be careful in what you wish for, as you might find things are not as you had envisioned them in your head. As human beings who all have our own preconceptions regarding different subject matter, we often allow those preconceptions to blind of the most obvious things in life. We all do it to one degree or another, and sometimes it is like walking through life with a set of blinders on...sometimes you have your sights set so much on one thing, you end looking past what is right beside you, and just as enjoyable. 

    Im 26 and i love grey hair on men , then again i do prefer older men.


    let me hide my grandpa

    WOW !!!!!!!

    Lol at carmaxable. lovely answer.

    Steve Martin had grey/white/silver (?) hair before he was 40.  I always thought he was very  attractive.  My ex-husband barely had any hair (on his head) and he was always the most handsome man in the room (in my opinion). One of my favorite guys now has dark hair halfway down his back.  Hair needs to be clean and well-groomed  (and the rest of you, too).
    Grey hair isn't a turnoff for me.  A lousy personality, gargantuan belly, foul language and "moldy" teeth are turnoffs.

    Some white haired male look very sexy. Thoes that put dye in their hair, they look like Mutton, dresses as Lamb.

    If there's a lot of "green", then hair color doesn't matter; or even hair, for that matter!


    That isn't the case... go back to the "Bad dates" question... green can be obscene!

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