How do you break up with someone you are living with?

    We have been living together for 6 months now and it just isn't working! Not for me anyway.
    I would like to get a girls perspective if possible.

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    Sorry I did not look at your name... Mr. Zipper... My updated responce is below.

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    Plan ahead and your name is "zipperman"... she might handle it better if you don't leave her out on a lurch as that can be frightening.  It is only 6 months and I have a rule (Well I did...I am happily married so the rules are non-applicable now)

    6 dates.....................................because if it's not working in 6 it will never work at all.

    6 weeks...................................because I am an artist and if this person isn't as exciting as paint or glazes and I am thinking about what project I should be working on next while we are having dinner...I know it's not working.

    6 months.................................because at 6 months you are familiar with the majority of niggly bits.  If you look across the table at that 'someone' and they are 'blah blah blah' your head you are thinking, "Oh my goodness!"....................................... be kind, rewind and get your little butt out of there!

    Good luck... You will be OK


    Awesomely said!! And planned, especially for an artist, offense at all. Most artists I've known wing it totally! Good for you and great advice!!

    A mans pride is very fragile... I would find a friend to stay with untill you can get on your feet before you talk to him.. He may not want you in the home if you let him know you are planning to leave.


    I am the man and the one whos name is on the lease. I do love her but it just doesns't work for me. I don't want to leave her homeless but I got to move on.

    Help find her someone to stay with (sibling, parent, friend) ... but make it clear that things are over.... weman will hold on to every last glimmer of hope.

    If you are not happy,it;s better to end it now only 6 months in rather then 5 or 10 years in.You only go around once in this life,I wish you much luck .

    Make sure you have a place to stay first. You're not asking him to leave w/o warning are you? Make your plans and then talk with him and tell all and then leave....

    The sooner, the better,.....for BOTH of you!!  Bite the bullet and tell her gently, lovingly but firmly. Then help her as much as is possible for her to resettle securely. Stay on that track with no talk of reconsilliation, then move on.

    Theres only one way to do this zipman, if your living in her house then move out and if shes living in yours then you'll have to tell her to move out. Tell her you'd prefer it if you were friends. She probably wont like it but thats not your problem. I just dont believe in waisting time on things that dont make you happy. Lifes too short


    Many guys are not able to backtrack into friendship. They want to move on.

    I cant agree or disagree with your question. There are always two sides to story.

    Change the locks & kick her cat out.LOL


    Tommyh, your bad. lol

    If I were the one who was going to be left, I would want you to tell me that you need to talk to me.  I would want you to be as honest and gentle as possible; do not promise something you are not going to deliver. 
    Tell me that you care very much for me and want me to be happy, but you   don't want to continue the living arrangement when you are not planning to marry me.  Assure me that you are not involved with someone else.....and that needs to be the truth. 
    Tell me what your time line is for separating; it should give me time to make and execute my own plans.
    After this, I will be crying, so you need to pull me close and just let me cry. Cry with me, if you can.


    tell them to get last and never come back agin



    From: emma  macdonald



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