why do people always be hating on each other?

    the stuation said something about chaz bono. on ET

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    I am for one, tired of this.  Simple as this may sound...stop paying attention.  If we all stop paying attention the media will have to focus on the positive because they have to sell advertising in order to exist.

    One person at a time and the tide will turn.

    Oh, leave Chaz alone. It took a lot more guts than I have (and I'm pretty tough) to pull off what he has and he is happy.  Maybe people don't understand or it frightens them but, there is no place for judging here....


    I need 10 thumbs up for this answer.

    Thank you. I was pleased with it myself... (a pat on my back....) Won't let it go to my head.....

    People today are so uptight, adn take offense easily. Or they dish it out to others !

    I dno't mind Chaz being a trans, I just don't think he should kill himself being on DWTS, b/c he's too old and too overweight. He said he feels like he's either going to have a heart attack, or blow his knees out.


    I haven't seen it but it's recorded. Of course someone shouldn;t be on DWTS if they are ill. That's scary.

    He's not ill. Just overweight. The dancing will do him some good to lose a bit of that weight.

    Oh, are we still on Chaz? Yes Fish Girl, we need to move on. I haven't been looking for news on him but it keeps hitting me in the face.

    My dad always said, "If you can't say something nice about somebody, don't say anything at all."

    Didn't see ET, but what the heck.  The situation was on DWTS not too long ago.   He did not impress me for a minute.  What kind of goofball name is "The Situation" anyway? 
    Chaz Bono is doing what everyone else on the show has done.  Learned to dance.   

    I agree with your questioning why people have to be hateful.   Who is Chaz hurting???

    The media is not what you schould listen to.They create drama in everthing that is happening and that is how they make theire living.We are so addicted to TV and to take a break from it is like getting a new life, Chaz is what he is and we can accept him that way. Again the media is telling us how people need to look to be accepted. Dont listen to what they say, they only have theire own interests at heart and no one elses.

    Please euphemistically refer to it as "extreme dislike" and not "hate".



    Hate consumes, poisons, and is completely exhausting in every sense of the word. I find indifference works well for me. It is also annoying to the person trying to get a rise out of me. Two bird with one stone.

    Well said. I totally agree.

    Personal investment in relationships tied to expectations that fail because the expectation exceeds reality and they are not shared, yielding suspicion for performance failure.


    You are a curious creature. Fine quality.

    Benthere thats for this answer the reason iwas not on akaqa is because my parents would not make me.

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