Do you think of your self in public a Positive person or a Negative person or a inbetweener; and WHY. ?

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    Positive person in public. I try to exhibit good manners anywhere, even on the road driving. I am kind when I interact with others. I talk to people, give to people, love all people and know how they feel. I feel people are blessed when they come in contact with me. I hope to put a positive vibe on any and everyone I interact with. I better go lay down and rest.

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    I consider myself an open book (meaning not hiding too much).  In public, you mostly find me with a genuine smile and happy greeting for everybody.  Often I am quiet and more an observer than participator, but always giving off the positive vibe.  The glass is always half full or more.  
    I have abundant blessings; how can I be negative! ?
    My life is not what I had hoped, but it's not over yet, so some of those hopes may yet come to fruition.


    sorry i see u know u remind me as my grandma right behind me.

    I’m with you Bob…my name too. I hide nothing and I smile a lot. No ulterior motives and no prejudice. Makes the world an open book where some folk prefer not to be seen by me…preferring their illusions.

    ....and it doesn't hurt anybody to smile!

    Positive out of my eviroment and undesisive at home I think I have more time ti think in the home and then I start questioning myselve if that the right deciecion

    Positive in house and out.

    I don't want to be responsible for ruining someone's day...ever.

    I worked retail for a very long time...I have been on the receiving end of those very negative people and quite frankly it just does not feel one spit nice.

    My cup is mostly 'half full', I inject energy and enthusiasm into anything I undertake so when it goes wrong I'm certain in the knowledge that I tried my best!

    If I wasn't positive I would be dead.


    no Randy i dont thing u would be dead but, i would say something rude to u if u were negative or nasty just like i said to someone who said that weres the hole to put the dicki was so mad that i was about to scream keep be positive everything good will happen to u good luck From Aroshh

    positive. positive attitude begets positive vibes.


    Im deffinately an in betweener, ill think one way one minute and another way the next. i must say i am a very indecisive person. Ive tried my best to be possitive and it blows up in my face everytime so now i dont know what to think.


    look. Everything you think is either pos. or neg. ie. 50/50. Since u don't know the outcome, why not think positive. if the end result is negative, so be it because you did not welcome it at the start. so think pos. you will have more sucess.

    Since I live in a small town and cannot remember faces I smile and say hello to everyone. That way I don't insult anyone and the added bonas is : it;s hard to be negative with a smile on your face.

    i think positive people in public give good advise negative people always will be negative                     thats just the way they are

    I tend to have a positive approach,i can hold my head up high whilst in public. I have nothing to hide,i am as good as the next person.

    I feel sometimes you can be positive by being negative and vice versa so you can interpret that as you wish. It is so, so basta.


    give me an example.

    I am a positive person in all areas, I look out the window and see the trees and flowers, ignoring the fly spots on the glass.

    I am a winners make it happen losers let it happentype.

    Hang around with losers and you very soon will become one.

    I agree with the general consensus, positive attitude and outlook generates and encourages similar in others,I know where I work things can quickly degenerate into a negative and hostile environment, but I maintain that as bad as situations may become there, we can choose our attitude and therefore choose what kind of day we have, no matter what is going on around us.

    positive even before i was saved by grace i could generaly find something positive in every situation and person

    Messenger:  Thank you so much for choosing my answer!  WOW.


    you wil be fine just keep thinking positve a got b,a,a,a,a on my interim report.

    postitive is the BEST!!!!!.

    An In-Betweener,  because my natural state of mind tends to be naturally somewhat negative, but I know this and so I consciously work hard to be and stay in a positive state of mind as much as possible.  Staying negative keeps you in a vicious cycle, hard to break free of.

    that"s something nice to i like what u said keep up the good work.

    thanks!!!! i want $20000000000 dollars  for my birthday.

    messenger what did i do wrong?


    Why do i feel your a D---Head. You tell me. Im i right

    D what is that.

    boob were are u????

    keep it up py that how your supose to be g job

    dwayne you have my cousins name anyway thanks a gerious thing to say.

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