Separation of Church and State with regard to Marriage & Civil Union Contracts between GLT

    We are regularly asked to vote regarding Marriage between Gays, Lesbians and Transvestites. The issue is about legal rights between consenting adults. The problem exists due to the fact that our laws have been usurped by the church regarding social contracts resulting in the imposition of a moral, predominately Christian bent on this subject. The result is a narrowing of the concept of marriage to exclude unions that are not explicitly stated as such. Civil Union Contract, not recognized by the state as marriage, may be used to close the gap left by the law regarding marriage with explicit language to describe the nature of such contracts. I fail to see why this would be a subject of public concern but for the application of terms.

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    Where is the problem?

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    Because the Civil Union Contracts exist only at the state level and not the federal level. The homosexuals are still lacking in all of the rights given to married couples. This is civil rights matter and can not be left up to individual states to decide. As it is, a gay couple can have a civil union in one state but if they go to the next state over that does not agree with it, they lose all rights afforded under their civil union through their home state. This whole idea of state recognized civil unions keeps homosexuals prisoners in their own state. This is not equality. Civil unions are not akin to marriage.

    The church has no say in the matter of our governmental laws. They do not own marriage. The states and federal government sanction marriage. The church sanctions holy matrimony.

    Thank you Colleen. Your answer clears up a lot of foggy notions for me.

    You're welcome Robert and thank you for wanting to be educated on the matter.
    FREEDOM is the distance between church and state

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