what are some demonic personalities ?

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    People who are possesed by a Demon.

    Here are some of the worst I will start chairman Mao Tse Tung  this monster murdered over 174,000,000 people then Joseph Stalin over 25,000,000 people then the monster Adolph Hitler murdered 6,000,000Jews and 5,000,000 non Jews 11,000,000 people for his evil hatred then you have Charlie Manson Ted Bundy John Wayne Gacy Jeffery Dahmer BTK  these men have one thing in common total Sociopath lacking normal human emotions I have not the words for a proper description for them  I just know that they are  human Devils!! ""


    Excellent job! Couldn't have said it better!

    Thank you Daisy

    You're welcome Benchong

    Stalin, Hitler, Manson, my neighbors, drug dealers, pimps, I guess the one thing these men had in common... narcissism!


    neighbors...LOL !

    I am suppose to live on a good street, in this town I guess I do. Their standards are very low. Crime is 4 times higher here than the national average. Two homes were burn in my neighborhood, they PO the wrong person. Robberies are a daily activity. Everyone is either a criminal or a victim. They should have a sign at city limits that says WELCOME TO HELL!
    Two Universities are here trying to figure out how to stop it. The gov gave them 6 million dollars to start the program. Every week 2-3 kids under 23 are buried. We have drive by shooting, house burning, robberies, they will kill your pets, nothing is safe.
    130 thousand people in 1000 square miles. A farming county.Most people here can not read or write, but graduated high school. This is a third world country in America. I was suckered here by uncle Sam, and I am trying to get out.Get back up North where I belong.
    There is something very seriously wrong with the people here. They think different, they don't see people, just future Victims. There are pad locks on mailboxes in the country!

    Me-- I'm the forum akaQA demon.


    Oh my-- Sure is a lot of people agreeing with me... LOL

    Clifford Olsen if you want to talk about someone seriously without goodness.

    My stupid neighbor and his wife.  Crazy a**holes.

    Come to work with me I will show you several live and in person.

    Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus.

    My ex-boyfriends.....


    Fools the lot of them!...mine too!

    "" Hi! It's me again...bad Santa...

    Jealous people - They say jealousy is a curse

    springfield police

    " (U.S.A.-Politicians)."

    Willie Picton the pig farmer directly from hell.


    is so HOT and DEMONIC 

    Don't forget the Ottoman Turks who invaded Armenia.  They herded the women and children down one street and the men and older boys down another.  Locked them in barns and set the barns on fire.  Burst into homes, grabbing infants, tossing them in the air and skewering them with their bayonets on the way down. 

    A demonic personality is one that has no empathy; one who takes pleasure inflicting pain (physical mental or emotional).  Those kids who kill animals????   DEMONIC.

    People around whom you feel unsafe, unclean, uncomfortable, unholy.


    Oh gee whiz leave it up to you to think of a very bad thing.

    My dad was Armenian. One of his aunts had numbers tattooed on her wrist from that invasion. She would never talk about it. My family tree has one family that was wiped out in 1915. Daisy and whovin really nailed most of the bad guys....I had to go outside the box.

    " My (Mother in-law)   what a  ( C *!%@ T ) ! "

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