What is a thesis

    When you have to write a essay what is a thesis

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    It is a document in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author's research or findings.


    couldnt have put it better Bench! mind you you will always come out better because of you spelling wow I wish i could spell as good as you and the words you put on answers are briliant! well done just had to get that of my chest I feel better now xxxxxxxx

    Thank you for your compliments, Mel. You are very observant.

    thanks Bench xxx

    when I took mine I had to do 30,000 words ! no spell check then!!! ok dont you guys all laugh at once heeeeee


    what area of study?
    I did a thesis, but the other exam was oral. I almost fainted! They didn't have Xanax back them either!

    Interior Design and space planing I did my thesis on Japanese interior and exterior and you had a oral wow I couldnt have remembered all that well done xxx

    Mine was science/ scientific names of plants and animals, their habitat, life cycle, everything. It was difficult. I had to see a doctor, I couldn't sleep from worrying. I walked the floors for 3 days. The Doc knocked my butt out! There was only one exam for the courses, the finial. It was wicked.There was so much material, I was terrified I get confused. The worse part, I was the only female, and I had to go first. My last name starts with an A. Afterwards, I walked to the restroom and threw up.

    I would be so lost in interior design. I do like Japanese style, It is so clean and orderly.
    My home is stacked with books, bookcases,books stacked on the stairs, under the stair, in the kitchen there is a bookcase.I have taken truck loads to the public library and donated them. You couldn't tell. I am doomed to be a worm.
    I bet your home is beautiful. Open and spacious. I would love to have a home like that.It wouldn't last, I'd still have the book habit.

    Hi daisy thanks for your comments my husband and I are both book worms and we now have a study which turned into from a bedroom so dont feel to bad we have books shelves in the study from floor to ceiling! and its still not enough!and science/scientific and animals well you are a clever cookie! I couldnt even deam od doing anything like that! well done..xxxx

    thesis is a research paper, an in depth study of something, for a Master's degree. It usually takes a couple of years to complete one.

    a theory put forth to be proven


    ....a short sentence or statement that summarizes the main point or claim of an essay.

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