do we need five blades to shave? wasn't one blade ok for a long long long time? your thoughts.

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    I switched to using "Bic" shavers years ago.You know the cheap yellow ones.They work for me.I can't see the point in spending 15 Bucks on 5 razors you're going to throw away anyhow. maybe I should have put this answer in Don's "are you cheap question".LOL

    I heard of the saying "two faced but five " i like my fathers open razor like the old barbers used

    I can't wait for a 6-blade invention. I need to shave off half a second off of my morning ritual.

    It is  called marketing ! That is what they want you to believe.


    exactly. And suckers fall for it!
    metal face

    So true

    The fifth blade cuts what,the other blades dont cut , ,as  they spring up after the fourth blade glides over them,Hard luck to the hairs that dont have a six blade razor, 

    The five blade razor cost a LOT more, but they do last a LOT longer and I get fewer cuts, as well.

    I resisted them at first because of the price, till my wife bought me a five blade razor, now that is all I buy.



    Surely a six blade razor would shave better??????

    5 blades gives a much closer shave. 5 blades are much better for other parts of the body

    because the mfrs handsas well as the governments, (NO SURPRISE THERE) go deeper into their own pockest trying to make the general public  believe that 5 blades are better than one, yes they are but they don't last long at all due to the fact, in my opinion, each of the 5 blades are NO LONGER of high quality material since they just don't make even one, like they used to.


    It justifies charging us 5x what we paid for the single blade which, yes, was just fine.  Now we are 5x more likely to nick ourselves. 

    Dunno, I don't shave.


    bet you got some funky arm pits. phew!

    I like hairy woman,wow,

    My boys all used fancy blades in the past, but now all use a single blade, its more eco friendly to

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