how do I remove this from my computer?

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    "" I'm here to stay, love. Only you can get rid of about making me Queen? I am a descendant of Alfred The Great.

    If this is concerning akaQA, it's more than likely attached to your toolbar. You would have to uninstall the toolbar to remove the application that directs you to our site via the ask a question box found on web pages or a button on the toolbar. I do not know which toolbar you have that it's attached to. If you see a green or blue Ask a Question button on your tool bar, right click on it, select show/hide, find the akaQA icon and click on it. This will deactivate ask a question (akaQA). Or to remove the toolbar, follow these steps Start menu > Control panel > add/uninstall programs > locate the toolbar, if it's Bing, it hides under the name conduit or conduit engine > uninstall

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