what's IPM ?

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    IPM Integrated Pest Management
    IPM Images Per Minute
    IPM Intelligent Power Module (power semiconductors)
    IPM Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (Iran)
    IPM International Partnership for Microbicides
    IPM Instituto Português de Museus
    IPM Inches Per Minute
    IPM Intelligent Power Management
    IPM Integrated Project Management (Capability Maturity Model Integration)
    IPM Interpersonal Messaging
    IPM Interior Permanent Magnet (motor)
    IPM Interpersonal Message (ITU-T)
    IPM Interior Point Methods
    IPM International Project Management
    IPM Institute of Preventive Medicine (Copenhagen, Denmark)
    IPM Inquérito Policial Militar (Portuguese: Military Police Investigation; Brazil)
    IPM Innovation Process Management
    IPM Impressions Per Minute
    IPM Interplanetary Medium
    IPM InfoPrint Manager (IBM AIX)
    IPM Instituto de Prevision Militar (Guatemala)
    IPM Integrated Photonics Module
    IPM Impulses Per Minute
    IPM Institute of People Management
    IPM Interruptions Per Minute
    IPM Immediate Past Master (Masonic)
    IPM Integrated Process Management
    IPM Institute of Psychosexual Medicine (London, UK)
    IPM Impuesto de Promoción Municipal (Spanish: Municipal Sales Tax; Peru)
    IPM Institute of Project Management
    IPM Iteration Planning Meeting
    IPM Independent Particle Model
    IPM Integrated Product Management
    IPM Intellectual Property Manager
    IPM Inverse Perspective Mapping
    IPM International Power Machines
    IPM Inhalable Particulate Matter
    IPM Inspection Procedures Manual (Federal Aviation Administration)
    IPM Ionization Profile Monitor
    IPM Institute of Palliative Medicine (various locations)
    IPM Italian Panoramic Monochromator
    IPM Institute of Productivity and Management
    IPM Interference Prediction Model
    IPM Internal Polarization Modulation
    IPM Inventory Projection Model
    IPM Intel Power Monitor
    IPM Industrial Preparedness Measure(s)
    IPM Inventory of Preventive Measures
    IPM Internetworking Performance Monitor (Cisco)
    IPM Intelligent Process Manager
    IPM Integrated Policy Memorandum
    IPM Integrated Propulsion Module
    IPM Inspirible Particle Mass
    IPM Intel PowerMac (Apple)
    IPM Incident Process Management
    IPM Industrial Preparedness Model
    IPM Interpersonal Mail System
    IPM Input Process Module
    IPM Interprocessor Multiplexer
    IPM Input Processor Module
    IPM Inpatient Pharmacy Manager (Kaiser Permanente)
    IPM In-Panel Module (automotive construction)
    IPM Inventory Performance Management (software)
    IPM Instituto Paulo Montenegro (Argentinian institute; est. 2000)
    IPM Integrated Performance Monitoring (computing)
    IPM Instituto Presbiteriano Mackenzie (Portuguese: Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute; Brazil)

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