My husband posted my photograph on the akaqa pages last night. This morning I'm back to that pink face with the wide mouth. Anybody else have that problem?

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    My guess is the upload did not take and the program went back to the default picture. Tell him to try uploading the picture again and to make sure it's not too big.

    Look whqat happened to my face whem the picture posted ! Now I look twice as handsome.


    That picture is way cool. I had never been to your profile page to really look at it. Who is the artist?
    metal face

    I wish it were me...I will have to do a little research.It is the cover photo of Pink Floyd's The Division Bell.The cd case and jacket are full of artwork based on the theme of this shot.

    itsmee ... you are just so darned cute in any colour.


    Ooooweee oooooweeeee, baby! So thank you!

    LOL... I am so glad your hubby supports your addiction. Also I adore your pictures... Both with the hat and the one of your smiling face!!! You are so cute!


    Jenn - Thank you. Sometimes I photograph well. I mean that sincerely.
    You need to put a bigger photograph of you for your Avatar. I can see you cuz I have a magnifying glass. You be cute, you sweet thang.

    I put tiny pictures in a collages so that ppl would talk to me the same way they always have... I think after seeing someone it changes one perspective of that person. But I did want to share.
    I have know Idea what ppl think when they see me.

    My request for a wall poster of you is still in and waiting Jenn. <grin>

    Jenn: When you get a request for a wall poster you KNOW you're lookin' good.
    I know what you mean about people thinking of you a little different. Our photographs are our reality. Anybody can post a photograph of a really super good looking person and say it's them. Who's to know?
    The problem with that is that it would change the truth of their responses.
    While you're making the wall-size photo, would you mind making me a wallet size?

    In my picture, I'm the one on the right :)

    My intuition told me that the one on the right was you. You just wouldn't be photographed on the LEFT. Hey! We know you. : )

    LOL... you girls!!!! I love you!

    Thank you, Colleen. 
    The pink face is driving me nuts. However, it is better than the hat I put over my face.

    I don't know if you remember why I put the hat on my face - maybe. Well, that problem is so over.  

    Don't worry about your photo,you look great.You look like a very pleasant lady.

    Now it's fixed. Colleen: With a question like mine do I write to the site managers or you. Sometimes this get confusing.


    Did it fix itself?

    My husband fixed it. I tried for an hour and he just sits down and there it goes. I'm not good with tech.

    You're all set then. No need to report it.

    Hi itsmee.I have the info on the artist you asked me about.The sculptors are Aden Hynes,and John Robertson from drawings by Keith Breeden. The photo was taken by Tony May.I hope you are well and will chat with you soon!


    Thank you, metal face!
    metal face

    It's always a pleasure to help a lady.:)

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