What three famous people would you invite to your own funeral (living or dead this time...because anyone can attend)...and why?

    I am planning on living for at least 50 more years and so everyone except maybe Eddie (see answer) will be a ghost.

    Also...feel free to have a sub-list.  A funeral can be a celebration and should be for that matter...I hope my loved ones invite a few comedians.


    I will go first...what the heck...


    #1- Eddie Vedder because he would not know why on the planet he was there.


    #2-Andy Warhol because he would bring colour and flair to the place.


    #3-Brian Eno....he makes it sound good.  (I hope he brings the band)...oh there is another one...The Band.

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    George, Jon and Mick...just to make it  interesting.       lol


    George can't sing!

    He can just sit there...beside me.

    George Clooney!? I'd rather have him see me alive ! :-p

    George and Brad Juliana?
    Keep the bed clean, they seem to be particular.
    Be careful, take precautions.

    James Tiberius Kirk.

    Katherine Janeway.

    Benjamin Sisko.

    I guess they'll find a way of getting back to ME!!!!

    Probably only one.Mike Holmes & his "Make it Right foundation". He can finish off all the projects I have started.I think he would enjoy the trip down under.

    1- Groucho Marx because of his quick wit

    2- Christopher Hitchens because of his reasoned discourse

    3- Silvio Berlusconi because know.


    Definitely Chris, wouldn't it have been great if he'd discovered this wee site?

    The question that you answered, "She is after me!", was 404ed. I will find another answer to TU you for.
    Sorry Digs.

    You would need Admin,just to kept things orderley,

    Colleen, pythonlover and Ducky. Who better to prepare me for the "akaQA Afterlife"?


    Sorry Clonge but I would only show up to make wise cracks! "Life is too too short"! (That kind of thing.) :)
    country bumpkin

    Don't you mean "Wise Quacks"?

    Yes, that's what I meant. :)

    oprah, amy goodman, (host of show democracy now) & prince. but really i'd rather see them while i'm alive.  after life will take care of itself and i'm sure has different rules to GO by.

    Seeing as how I wouldn't be able to enjoy their company, I have no guest list for that party. I HOPE my sons and THEIR children will be there, ALIVE and WELL. 


    Yellow Tang. Glorious.

    Groucho, Lucy, and Letterman, so there would be laughs!

    Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and to hedge my bets, the Pope.


    Should be "interesting"?

    I might have a rehearsal so I could enjoy the fun before I die.

    The Pope`s worth a shot..if he can`t get you exclusive entry through those gates,,no one can!

    You left out David Ike,

    No one...I want a small bonfire..private and a huge party after!!! you`re all wlcome so long as you dont slag me off and can say one..even tiny ..nice thing re me....She tried..thats an eg!!LOL




    What is an eg? Ego or Egg? ... No fighting please.

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