what dose a bowel of white rice and 7 yellow lemons in it mean

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    Rice is good to see in dreams, as it foretells success and warm friendships. Prosperity to all trades is promised, and the farmer will be blessed with a bounteous harvest. To eat it, signifies happiness and domestic comfort. To see it mixed with dirt or otherwise impure, denotes sickness and separation from friends. For a young woman to dream of cooking it, shows she will soon assume new duties, which will make her happier, and she will enjoy wealth.

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    Not a particularly auspicious omen, but its portent is modified by the action in your dream. If the lemon was sucked, it foretells social difficulties or embarrassment; if it was being squeezed, it indicates upcoming money problems and a need for economy. However, to dream of making, serving or drinking lemonade predicts an increase in personal popularity.

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    Yellow: Yellow color meanings in dreams radiates themes of centralization, focus, awareness and reminds us of our role as humans within the context of the whole. Consider the yellow tones of the sun, and how central this star is to our existence. Consider the center (solar plexus) chakra which is also yellow and governs our will and even our sense of identity. Some of the first flowers to burst out of a long dormancy are yellow (dandelions, daffodils), this screams to me about awakening - resurfacing - becoming aware (maybe for the first time) of the larger picture of life. Yellow is the color of intelligent design, and when we dream in yellow it reflects a special kind of clarity. Yellow is a bright idea, and an epiphany on a grand scale. When we dream of yellow, our deeper consciousness is paving the way (yellow brick road?) to a path of higher understanding and mystical awareness. Yellow centralizes our energetic focus so that we may intensify our presence. That intensity then radiates outward - just as the light of the sun does. Effectually, dreaming of yellow indicates a time of intelligent reflection in which we are influencing the world around us in amazing ways. .
    Questions prompted from color meanings of yellow in dreams:

    • What perceived barriers do I have that prohibit my greatest view?

    • What core belief do I express that puts me in the best advantage?

    • How am I influencing others?

    • What is my guiding light, and how can I remain illuminated?

    • What can I do to gain more clarity?

    • What steps can I take to nurture my creative awareness?

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    <font face="Arial">Seven signifies mental perfection, healing, completion, music and attainment of high spirituality. The number seven may also refer to the seven deadly sins, the seven days of the week, or seven chakras. Alternatively, the number seven indicates uniqueness and eccentricity</font>

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    Swami Doo wants to know where the dream part was in the question...I am once again falling short on my swami powers.

    It may not be a question about about a dream. I went out on a limb... how often do you see a 'bowel' with white rice and seven yellow lemmons in it. I figured the lemons would be whole and if they were in a bowel and not a bowl... that would flipping hurt.
    When someone asks what something means, I feel is is symbolic and something this person saw in a dream.

    That sounds perfectly reasonable.
    OR they may need to chew their food better :)

    Oh, very good point Figman... The person could be pregnant and experiencing odd-ball cravings... could not be pregnant but really really hungry without the time to go to the grocery store... they could be mildly hungry and realise that by the time the fish is thawed and cooked they will fall over with malnutrition 'Or Or Or' ... the person could be experimenting with recipes 'And And And' lemons with rice could, in fact be a simple but delicious combination... a "Must Try".

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