what does each color of roses stand for is love, yellow is friendship...

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    Roses are the ultimate flower for expression of emotion or feeling. As a gift, these flowers can convey different meanings if the person receiving them knows the symbolism attached to the various colors. Over the years, the meanings behind the colors have evolved to cover many sentiments. Before ordering a bouquet of roses for delivery, or to interpret possible meaning behind the last bouquet you received, read on to learn the meanings associated with many common colors.

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    Red is the most commonly given color of roses. Red signifies love and passion. True red is the flower for lovers. Fiery red signifies passion, while cardinal red symbolizes desire. Fully bloomed red blooms best convey the message “I still love you,” while buds are a way to express love for the first time.

    Yellow roses once meant jealousy, but today the color signifies friendship, familiar love, and domestic happiness. They can also be an appropriate sentiment to express sympathy. Orange roses symbolize an expression of pride or amazement, while peach symbolize appreciation and desire. A bouquet of orange flowers would be appropriate for a graduate or to commemorate a promotion, while peach could express sincere appreciation for someone’s accomplishments.

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