Do you believe in predictions about Mayan calendar that world ends next year in 2012? If yes why? If not, why?

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    Iam 75 Y.o. There has been one of these silly 'End of the world' things about every three years since I can remember. Probably every three years since the Maya were around? Forget it.
    I think there will be something but not the end of the world. It is not just the Mayan calendar but also Chinese calendar that ends as well. Maybe mankind will have a new perception as to a spiritual side but looking at the arguments going on here at times I have to wonder how we are all ever going to come to a point that we all agree.

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    No, they just built the calendar out until that date, and would have continued it and updated it if not wiped out.
    Come to think of it...The Maya are reported to have predicted the worlds end at the finish of their 25 year cycle. Witnesses from the Cortes time report -so I have read- that at the end of a 25 year cycle they would strip off their clothing and burn it along with all their possions. Then go and sit on a hillside to await the end.
    Next day (No doubt feeling a little foolish?) The apparently traipsed, naked, back down to start a new cycle?
    As they are also said to have been in business well prior to our neolithic stage, they must have reinacted this proceedure, -and prediction. many times over. And...they haden't got it right, even once!
    only God knows the Date & Time of Jesus' return, not even the Angels in Heaven! Lets spend more time getting ready for that day, and less time trying to figure out when that will be :)

    Good Point ;-)
    i agree with margo. if we all spent more time in getting ready for that day, what a grand world it would be

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