Do you beleve in the death penalty for premeditated and cold blooded murder? I do, but I believe you must 101% certain.

    Do you believe in the death penalty for premeditated or cold blooded murder ? I do but I believe you must be 101% certain of guilt

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    I firmly believe in the death penalty for anyone caught "red-handed" in a premeditated murder, as well as some other horrendous crimes.

    So rare is absolute certainty. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"!


    No, just the criminals. Then again at this stage of the game, the whole world just might be criminals.

    I believe in the death penalty for people like Son of Sam, Serial killers who admit their crimes and admit that they will do it again if released. I would rather have my tax dollar going somewhere other then paying for the feeding and care of someone who has such little regard for life.


    Do you think the disregard for life is a product of the environment these people live in ? Or is there a mental illness that gives these people the inclination to do these things . Why does one kill and another become a heartless soulless scammer with no regard for the damage their actions cause ? Attacking society as a whole for some perceived wrong, Why??? How are these people created ,all at once or a little at a time ?

    Yes, bluesman., they are a product of theire enviroment, starting at an early age.Violence, abuse and neglect if severe, will shut down theire emotions and feelings,in order to survive. As adults they have no love or empathy for other people, because it was never shown to them.

    I do but, it's that 101%  that matters... Most murders are a crime of passion and given another chance, never would have happened in the first place...  I don't believe in death for these...

    i used too until dna come along and exonarated more than a few from death row..


    How can you carry that much hate Bluesman, I have been in the situation where my wife left me with two young children after clearing out our joint bank account..

    I questioned what I could heve done differently that may have avoided the split but I never hated her,  I was hurt yes, distraught yes. But hate is something I have never held for another perso or animal.

    Disliked to the extent I avoided them but never hated.

    Hope you have a happy life now and forget what you can not alter.


    You are a better man than I. Its no fun to be consumed with hate ,burning white hot every moment of every day . Thanks for the good wishes . I am broken and there is no hope of ever fixing this . I am tired and ready to go ,all I want is justice and a little revenge and then I am ready to pack it in . Thanks for your good words . Bill

    Bluesman, or can I call you Bill? My dad was Bill.
    Mate live your life for what is, not what could have been. You have people on this site who respect your opinions whether they agree with them or not. These are diembodied "friends" that are closer to you than you may think in their thoughts for you.
    Bitterness and hatred only hurt you, the person towards whom the bitterness is directed doesn`t give a tinkers toss what you think, the only person to suffer is you.
    So come on, pull your socks up and live for what time you may have left.

    I totally agree with peoplelove. I am surprised that you still carry all this hate around for someone, that is not even worth it. You are a smart man and you have helped so many people on this site. Hate is a very negative emotion, it darkens your soul and eats away at the physical.You are a better man than that. Try to focus on the positive and not the negative. We are always here to help you through it.Yea, lets hear it for Bill!

    No I dont anymore. There have been people on death row that were later found innocent and I wonder how many actually died beeing innocent. Most people on death row or doing life usually have an extensive criminal background and it makes it easier for the prosecution to get a conviction, based on theire background, even though evidence is lacking.

    bluesman 1951, you're welcome and know that people genuinely care for you, would it help to take a break away and just catch your breath, have some time to be selfish and do what you want to ? I think the only justice is knowing that you can be at peace with yourself, mine is....also knowing he is living in a slum with no one left  to use helps too. Put your feet up and have a break,


    sorry,must have meant this as a comment,not an answer

    Yes I believe in the death penalty now if our justice system could actually carry it out in short order and not let these criminals set on death row, take college classes (free) to become jailhouse lawyers, etc, etc for 10-15-20 years at us the taxpayers expense.  If they would actually fulfill the death penalty in short order I am  quite sure we would see a drastic drop in a lot of crimes that are punishable by death.  

    No I don't believe in the death penalty. I believe someone should live out their days having to live with what they did to someone else and be judged in the afterlife. Afterall, eternity is a long time or Karma will be your reward depending upon your belief system. Either way you'll get what you worked for during your lifetime!


    witchway,I don't believe sociopaths or psychopaths feel remorse, so living with what they did is not an issue for them as they have only fulfilled their desire to murder and mutilate

    I could not push the switch so how can I expect someone else to do it for me. Put them in jail for life. And I mean life.

    yes I do, but same as has been said technological advances in recent times has seen people cleared of convictions, I wonder how many met their maker that were in fact innocent, I however also believe that psychopaths, serial killers ,those that horrendously mutilate and are assessed to be beyond rehabilitation most certainly should not be afflicted on society, nor should we be responsible for financing their existence We put dangerous animals down here, why not viscous human animals. 

    Absolutely!  If it is proven beyond a doubt, absolutely.  If you are going to just murder somebody you have just demonstrated that you do not belong amongst the civilized period.  Violent people are no joke some of them will kill a person and think nothing about it.  However, if we ever get something to re-program killers that would be a different story.  That's probably light years away.  Until then God is their best friend.

    I would rather be killed by some one who goes about with cold blooded premeditation than by a angry moron with no plan . I like things to be efficient and well done . The angry fool is going to cause a lot of pain . The premeditated one is going get it done quickly and efficiently. Some folks just need to be gone simple as that . As to punishment if its justified then so what . The heinous nature of some things in my opinion justifies death. A cheating whore needs death and thats it  simple as that .

    I believe also that some people need killing. I would even expand on the crimes that would make one eligible for the big sleep. Dope dealers, child molesters, gun runners, habitual offenders of petty crimes as well. Also people who make bad coffee. I offer my services to the department of corrections. I shoot a rifle well, I can throw a big electric switch, I can even give an injection. I would prefer manual strangulation with an electric cord, televised of coarse. 


    ed, you had a bad day I take it ??
    ed shank

    I believe there are inherently bad people. Why should society suffer further by releasing these animals back to the streets. The death penalty is NOT a deterrent, it's deserved revenge.

    Some people just need killing cold and premeditated and as painful as possible. Those who cheat on their spouses and significant others can go first. Good thing I am in charge of nothing . If I could find my ex this would be a issue ,Damn that cheating bitch to hell !!!!! She liked skiing,now that its snowing maybe the whore will impale herself on a tree going fast down hill . God I hate that bitch !!!  


    bluesman - I have already answered this question - here you speak of personal hurt, unbearable and unforgetable - so great you wish them harm - this is understandable and could be felt by many people. What I mean this is a one to one thing and not a matter of jurisdiction.

    I have never heard of a executed person committing another crime . If we are wrong then perhaps they go to heaven .If we are right then they go to hell and that seems fitting . What I dont like about this is the time it takes to get the job done . If you do 15 years the debt is payed . Not both 15 years and then killed seems like punishment twice . One or the other not both . That's my stand on this either the time or death not both .

    Dopey ,reading further in your comment ,I find the word Jurisdiction meaning the right and the power to... Changing the question a bit for me . I have no faith or respect for government ,so this is difficult for me . No matter how you approach this ,the fact is some people just need to be evicted from this life . The complaint always starts with the phrase "WE The People in the above titled action " say you are guilty and forfeit your life for the crimes you committed .If its true then bye bye and I am okay with that .

    bluesman 1951,don't let her have the satisfaction of consuming you with hate and bitterness,I hate my ex husband, he tried to murder me in a drunken rage, assaulted police, caused malicious damage then threatened to shoot himself,I handed him the bolt and told him not to shoot himself on the carpet, he still lives and sued me for a living because of his alcoholism, he won in court, I was bitter, the police angry, I now have the last laugh, remain in a good job, have a new life and he remains in the gutter,you can turn your life around too

    Not a matter of turning my life around ,its wanting to. I am tired and worn out not quitting just don't give a damn . I really want some justice and if its painful for her so much the better for me .I will follow her into hell and drag her out and when I am done she will beg to go back in . People should know better than to screw with me and her most of all after 18 years .Thanks for your words lambshank that was sweet .

    101% certain where? In the US, it is "guilty beyond a reasonable doubt." Isn't that why inmates are on death row? How do you explain the fact that those who were later exonerated were convicted because juries decided they were guilty beyond a reasonable doubt?

    I beleive in death penalty and in its proper enforcement.

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