Does anyone else think this "Ask a Question" stuff is a bunch of BS?

    I have asked several questions here with no answers. Does'nt seem that anyone even tries to help. I have posted under several "desired usernames" several different questions. Either no on knows the answers or no on will even try. I can call a family member or friend and at least get some kind of as answer. Why have a board if no one is going to respond.

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    BS? Geez...did you just get your Bachelor of Science degree....if you think that this site is BS (and of course I know what you mean) then go away and don't come back. Otherwise, ask an intelligent question and you might learn a thing or two.

    You asked us in one of your questions why don't people google when they want to know how to get to a place?Well why don't you take your own advice, and do the same. Or better still phone a friend.

    No, but some of the people asking questions are full of BS.

    Hey WKMA. Why do you ask questions under several "desired user names"? Sounds to me like you're the one full of BS

    no it is fun. are just a bit cranky aren't you?  We don't do cranky here.

    BS? Then just stay away from this site, we'll all be happier....

    Bullshit is good manure like cows horse.But not Tounge BS like yours .I am Psychic your lost cant think "Why No "Brain. See a "Doctor

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