I have my feet burning all the time, pain on my shoulders and constant fatigue. Is this has to do with diabetis symptoms?

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    Only a Doctor or a Diabetic could answer this. Body pains are sometimes caused by a lack of hydration. Only water counts period!!!!!! Cool aide ,orange juice , soda .coffee ,hot chocolate none of these counts. Two things get a Doctors appointment  ask for a blood test and see what all your levels are and adjust . Second start drinking some water flush some of the junk out . Not going to go away so get busy with that phone call and appointment.


    I raise my bottle of Arrowhead water and salute you. Great answer for everybody.

    abcman: I worry about diabetes too. There was so much of it in my family. So far so good.

    It means some changes for sure ,but with work it can be managed . I hope this turns out well for you.

    Aw, shoot, you've got it...RUN to your Dr's.....

    The all time give away for diabetes is: polydypsia, polyfagia, and poly uria...(pardon my spelling) and those are excessive thirst, excessive fatigue, and excessive urination...If you have these systems, you have diabetes...

    As a diabetic I can only say that they should check their blood sugars on a regular basis and show them to a dr. ONLY THEN can it be decided if these are diabetic systems...

    Good info from everybody.I'm going to get myself checked out. Seems like I have some of these symptoms.

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