WHY, I am sure it is just a Guy thing!

    Why is it that men,have to always "look" at other women,when they are with you? It is really sick!

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    When I was a kid, a good looking girl would be in shot of a view from the car and my dad would whistle (in a tasteful way) and I asked my mom if she minded and she said, "When they get too old to look, than they're too old for anything". I've never been jealous since.....

    I'm male. I look at everyone I can regardless who I'm with at the time. Everyone has a story to tell in their appearance. I look into the eyes a lot, and smile. I see beauty and love in all I see. I love very many people. When I learned that I see what I believe is there, I decided to end my beliefs that did not give me what I like to see. Suspicion had ruled my life and drove me into depression,fear and anxiety. I could not live happily with this as my daily companion. Facing the fact that I had made-up and fertilized the garden of my own mind with these weeds, the task became clear. I could choose to manage my own mind or the world would do that for me by force if necessary.
    So I see a little of myself in you. Learning this has taken me a life-time because I could not trust anyone for a long time.

    I am female I enjoy looking at ppl.... guys girls it does not matter. I discuss with my hubby what i find attrective aount the weman but he is not very interested in what i like about guys, I do express to him that some guys have greay builds and teeth I am a sucker for nice teeth.


    welcome back, Jenn. We missed you .

    This question is a year old. 

    I hope for Glady's sake she has resolved her issues and moved on.


    I hope she's not being annoyed by a whole lot of e-mail alerts from her year old question. ;)

    Looking is only natural.  Don't for a minute think I'm not looking at every man, woman, and child who passes by, plus their dogs, cats or whatever may be accompanying them.  We are social creatures; to ignore everything and everyone except YOU should alarm you. That kind of "devotion" would scare me at least a little.
    Leering or ogling, however, overtly flirting, or otherwise expressing more than a passing interest would be another issue entirely. 

    With respect to Chiangmai, drooling is a big red flag! :D 


    Great answer.

    Some men skip leering and ogling and proceed directly to drooling. :)
    ed shank

    Guy or Gal, be flattered that someone is checking you out. My old lady still has a great a-- and I see men looking. I never had a Jealous bone in my body.

    That sounds fair to me, ed shank. How's about letting us see her photo. We'll be the judge as to whether or not you have a jealous bone.

    Gladys, I think YOU are the one who's sick.  Let him look at all of God's beautiful creation.  Are you that insecure?  Back off.  Guys, continue to look but try not to stare and drool.


    They are just checking them out - women do the same. It is just curiosity and really everyone does it. You only notice when you are trying to see.

    I am a Lesbian and I look at other woman when I am with my girl, but its not about attraction , I am people watching have you ever thought that the person who you are with maybe doing the same?

    I love watching interactions between people or when people are alone.


    You should be going yeah he is looking at you but he is with me , have you ever asked why?

    The more you watch him the more you notice, you should look at woman too they have awesome curves :P

    As a man I find women pleasing to look at, it's in our nature, men are more visual than women when it comes to the opposite sex. But over the years I have trained myself not to check out other women, out of respect, to the woman I am with. If you are with a guy that does that, and it bothers you, you should let him know and ask him to work on changing that habit. It could just be a habit and they take time to conquer.

    I don't think it's sick. It's only natural! We like shiny objects too! :D

    My wife often points out good looking girls to me She seems to like nice butts particukarly, but at 70 years old I am obvoiusly too old to take advantage.

    Some people can't leave their habits.


    Does that include monks and nuns?

    Anyone who is observant of the world around them, will look at men, women, children, families, dogs, cats or even cars going by.  My male companion and I even go so far as to suggest to each other, "Here comes one for ya".  We each KNOW what the other likes!     lol

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