is a paper clip a natural or human-made resource

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    Perhaps he smokes weed. Paper clips are organic and are found buried beneath the earth. You need to dig around in your garden to find them. In some areas there are paper clip mines.


    Oh those paper clip mines are becoming rare. There is one in California and another in Texas. I've seen the process, they dig deep and out of the soil they pluck perfectly formed paper clips. Perhaps in the 8th Wonder.
    More and more people are using the plastic paper clips that come in those beautiful colors.

    From my memory-- The paperclip was created in a bar located in Connecticut, a guy was sitting at the bar 'fiddling' with a short piece of wire, he folded a dollar bill or two in it and left it as a tip, the guy sitting next to him was an amateur inventor, he asked the bartender to give him the wire, and the rest is history.. This is the story I remember about the paperclip.   


    Cool trivia tidbit!

    What?? You've never heard of the paper clip tree??


    Ha ha ha!
    There is no topping this one!

    Surely Colleen is messing with you! They are mined from the ground.

    Yeah, there's little underground imps who spend their days doing nothing but make paperclips for us to mine :)

    With tears in my eyes and my tummy jumping, I must leave now or peeeeeeee!

    Paper clips were invented to hold the roach of whatever you are smoking...


    Yes, I must agree with you.

    No No No...Colleen is correct...They really do grow on trees just like money.


    Uh, fish girl ... Where might I find a money tree? I've heard of them. I believe some of my neighbors have one or two.
    I just grow oranges ... unfortunately they're not edible so I really do need a money tree.

    paper clips were discovered while havesting in the orange groves...


    OMG! Daren ... I have an orange tree. I've never seen any. @@ I'll check.

    Kinda ,Nature made it, humans refined it..

    Are you really that stupid????????

    Come on......get a life now!!  You know the answer and, no, we're not as stupid as you are pretending to be.

    Since there has been very little paper clip mining in recent years, the fine people of Nevada have opened a paper clip museum. People make designs out of paper clips! The make towers, moving bicycles, acrobats ... other stuff. I've heard this from a guy who returned from Las Vegas.

    Be sure and hoard your metal paper clips. If you have a lot, you might want to sell them on E-Bay. Some people hoard gold. Me? I hoard PAPER CLIPS.

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