How will your death be? Cremation? Embalming? or Green?

    Good to let your family know now. Get it in writing.

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    Anything will do if I do not get a chance to specifiy. No funeral - I have seen too many elaborate funerals - I once said to the rider of this horse and carriage - it's a shame they do not look after the living as they do the dead - I know  - it is showing respect.

    Cremation really but there is a cardboard box one can get or leave body to science,


    I'm not in favor of elaborate funeral service either. The money could well be given to a favorite charity.

    That's right itsmee.

    First...I hope that I am not shocked to be dead and I certainly hope my soul has time to leave my body naturally.  After that, I choose cremation.  I have thought long and hard about this.  At one point I had chosen the graveyard...I changed my mind because of bugs...not exactly bugs but the larvae.  Larvae creeps me out too much.

    Cremation for me.

    Burial is fine.  I hate to be burned.  No cremation, p[lease.



    We won't be present. It will just be our shell and our souls will be a soarin'. However, I do know what you mean even though I've selected a different method.

    LOL, it's not like you're gunna be watching it, it's not an execution.. LOL

    Chiangmai- - -I feel the same way .

    It's chiselled in stone! Both my wife & I are to be cremated.We both have a morbid fear of being buried alive.

    No fancy funerals. A brief non religeous service will do.

    I have always made the joke to my wife,that if I happen to go on a Tuesday night (that's the night we put our trash cans out) & there is enough room left in the bin,she should feel free to dispose of my remains that way.


    Ya gotta laugh.
    I think you got it right, Tommyh.

    You got it right Itsmee.Ya gotta laugh!
    Too many people are preoccupied with their own death.Everybody dies sooner or later.Why worry about it now.Now is the time to live.

    Green?? what's that?? What could be more beneficial to the earth than to fertilize it with animal remains?? Have you ever seen where an animal died and decayed in a spot on a field?? The grass around the decaying matter it bright green.. Earth loves dead things!

    That said, I wanna be burned.. I hate the thought of it but I am pretty sure i will be deceased when they do it.. (i hope)


    We surely needed comic relief, Mr. Vinny.

    I'm here to help.. LOL

    You're a great little helper you are...hahaha

    Vin, I assume you want to be embalmed ? Me too, as opposed to being cremated.I'm not too crazy about any of the options.

    Embalmed, burned, whatever, I don't plan on being there when they do it.

    Cremation defiantly, I don't want to be taking up space in the ground. My mother was cremated and I have  some of her ashes. Don't need to go visit anyplace but home...


    funeral homes have lockets and one can put ashes in the lockets and wear it around their neck. i've seen them and they're pretty.

    I was given a small jar of my mother's ashes. I just need an idea on how to place them special like....

    my friend and her husb were even wearing a locket with their cat's ashes in it.

    That’s funny, MCM and kind of sad……..

    Burial for me, then I can help to push up the wild  flowers.


    What a workaholic!

    Benchong, love your reply, made me laugh.


    Burial.  I don't like to be barbequed.


    We're not going to eat you! Relax.

    Cremation for me. My whole immediate family feels the same, either those in the present or those in the past.

    bloody upsetting


    Why? Death is not an ending of existence unless you believe that way, then I understand the fear.

    Sorry didn't think i'dd be pleased about it somehow

    I think you will when you see where you go. ;) But like I said, it's all what you believe.

    I,m a good Catholic boy young lady

    Oh gee whiz good man! Be good!

    to fishgirl Eh! no comprehend

    To the oven for me.

    What is green? Burial? I'm, not so sure all the bodies in the ground filled with a chemical is all that green for mother earth.

    Cremation for me.


    Green means no embalming (therefore no chemicals) The body is wrapped in a sheet or shroud and lowered into the grave of a selected area where there will be no monuments, no upkeep ... just totally natural. The family could have a memorial service at a later time.

    Six Feet Under is an incredibly good series about a family who lives over a mortuary and goes about their life. Best thing I've seen on TV ... maybe ever! Check it. : )

    Cremation for me. I got it in writing.


    OK, well that's better then. I just feel the living need the land to live on so I'll leave it for the living and just have my body turned to ash. :)

    Great great series itsmee - I was hooked.

    here we just put them in the ground, no chemical, no anything, my foster daughter suicided a couple of months ago , buried ,tragic. but not chemicals I only know that I feel blessed having known her,

    (((lambshank))) my condolences.

    Definitely, cremation. I don't want the world to forget me in a hurry, it's called pollution. And I'm gonna throw it in the ocean to join the country of plastic.


    I don't quite understand what you wrote. : )

    Gunna throw me ashes in the ocean.

    cremation for me, but I wish to be an organ donor, not sure what they will do with  a smokers lungs, a drinkers liver though, forgot Im also short sighted, so don't suppose my eyes are much good, I do however have a great mop of hair.....maybe I could be a wig!


    I have hated my baby fine hair all my live-long life. I'll take your hair and you can have heart. (Sounds kinda romantic) What I mean is my heart works good.

    I understand that they can use most any eyes...wearing glasses for short sightedness, is way better than being totally blind.

    stick me in a cardboard box , it's all the same. as for my family they feel the same way..

    stick me in a cardboard box and I would like to be thrown into the sea so the fish could eat me then nothing goes to waste but I dont think thats allowed if not creamation then my ashes scattered on to a sunny beach


    mel, In Michigan, the DNR doesn't let you scatter your loved one's ashes in the great lakes, but a lot of people do it.

    Burial can pollute the soil if embalming fluids are used, and wastes land.  Cremation uses fossil fuel and if you have amalgam fillings releases mercury into the atmosphere. Another option currently being developed is Resomation when the body is dissolved in alkali and flushed down the drain. Bones are crushed and can be returned to the family.


    There is just no way this can be pleasant. It's our reality. This resonation is something new to me.
    Question; if the body is disolved in alkali and flushed down the drain, where of where does it go?
    I'm sure the family will be happy with the bones. You can buy a little locket to wear around your neck and in the locket is your loved ones bones ... or whatever.
    I believe I'll pass.

    Interesting thought, that... I'll think on it. How does it compare in rates? Do ya know?

    It's new... It can't be cheap.

    Resomation is a process developed in the UK.
    A plant has been installed in a morticians in Florida. No idea as to cost.
    Google for more info but watch the spelling - Resomation, with a 'm'.

    I know I said they can put my remains in the trash but being flushed down the toilet is a whole 'nuther ball game! c'mon!

    Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, flesh to flush.

    Nom, Sounds gross. There's just no good way to dispose of your loved one's body. But, it has to be done. Too bad it doesn't disappear on it's own after the funeral.

     Hopefully I will die BEFORE I am cremated.

    itsmee a done deal!! you have a great heart

    Cremation and then my ashes caste on the beach where I walk my dog.

    Non religious stuff,, no hymns or prayers just good old songs and hopefully lots of laughs from the attendees.Have thought about having a mobile (cell) `phone in the box go off and my voice saying' Sorry I can`t take your call but I am lying down" Or "Hey doc I tried to tell you I felt crook"


    I do like your plans, PEOPLE LOVER. I'll be there, just give me a call. : ))

    I welcome all itsmee, as they say the more the merrier.

    By the time you go they will have invented a whole different way to dispose of your remains.Only the good die young.LMFAO.

    burial,my funeral was all arranged and paid for before i hit 50.My one specification is no flowers,id sooner have them while im here to enjoy them.Donations to the dogs home,not interflora

    My dear friend bought her own shroud and was buried on private land (in Arizona) with her drum. Green burial is the only way to go ... 


    this was shown in the excellent tv series "6 feet under" It was difficult to observe but i think it's right - just not for me or mine. thank you, winfia.

    I'll take the cremation special with an order of fries. To go



    You asked about what will death be for you...  Burial, Cremation, etc.  FIRST I WOULD LIKE TO DIE, NOT HAVE THESE BE THE CAUSE OF DEATH!  With that said, I want to die due to a gunshot to the back from fleeing out of a bedroom window, shot by the man of the house...  HA, HA!    Really, I have thought of burial at sea over the years, as that is also green, and the aquatic life would like some variety to their diet, not necessarily low-fat, however.  We waste resources over conventional burial, better wood than we enjoyed on our furniture during life.  I am a fan of giving back to the earth, nourishing it however I can. 

    I choose to be pickled in a giant Mason jar filled with grappa.

    The eternal dirt nap for me.

    I choose to be pickled in a giant Mason jar filled with grappa.

    If you want your body to be taken care of for next to nothing.......then donate to your local university. They even come and get it. What could be easier   ? 

    I actually own the crypt next to where my late husband is. So, I know where I'm going to a mausoleum in Ohio. My step-daughter will visit our crypts on occasion.

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