why am i bored?

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    Please, No need to explain.....



    Oh that is good! lol

    Learn to READ....

    you need a hobby


    Boredom is my enemy - I know how it feels - I read many interesting book, watch interesting programs, good movies etc. but since I have stopped helping people there is something within me so lacking as this gave me the most enormous satisfaction. I am sure you have lots of knowledge and capability even if you do not you can always help somebody.  

    Because you are not inquisitive!!   Start asking questions  about life or things you are interested to know the answer to and research your answers online. You'll be amazed how taken in you'll  be.  READ books of your interest, peruse the library,  you'll be amazed, too,  how many books you'll want to take home!!,........and you'll NOT be bored!!  There is no excuse for being bored.....too many interesting things going on at any given time.  Take an interest,.....  in something!

    boredom is a spiritual issue, we try to concor it through materalism and self indulgence..

    You were drilled?

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