What is YOUR definition of a fundamentalist Christian?

    We see the label of fundamentalist thrown around sometimes, usually one trying to condescend another in some way, just what enters your mind when you here this term? What does it mean to be a Christian fundamentalist? To you? I know there is a dictionary definition, but what does it mean to you?

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    Good answer!

    One cannot single out Christianity alone by this question for it applies to ALL Traditions, it is what makes them all fundamentally one family. FUNDAMENTALISM - Tradition without spirit; literalists. ORTHODOX, PHARISAIC =(Pharisees), these words also mean the same thing in any common dictionary.

     Therefore any sort Fundamentalism would be without the presence of the Spirit of Law. This is when the Spirit of the Law (Lord) has been super seceded, by the letter of the law by literal interpretation. Ignorance is predominant, knowledge of the law notwithstanding without the understanding of the Lord or Law. until it is transcended. By Understanding (the Light of Knowledge) only then is the Spirit restored to the Law in Truth. All Traditions without this understanding of the Spirit are fundamental, including Christianity. Example It is taught, example: “Christ is the Lord” meaning, “Love is the Law” and all that implies.

     Thus the Pharisees are still and ever with us, cloaking themselves in all of the varied Traditions of the world, including Christianity. Thus All are defamers of God words or Will, one way or the other. For all evil resides in Ignorance. When we refer to Pharisee, we do it generically, to all men who live by the dictates of the senses alone. These are the ignorant hypocrites, for they crucify the spirit of love in their literalism. They are fundamentalists all.

    Honestly, I really haven't paid that much attention to who says what around here but I do see what is being said. I don't know if we have any Christian Fundamentalist here, I don't know you all that well but in some cases I have seen topics bordering on it. Seriously i don't have that mush of a problem with it as long as if a question is asked that the person gets a straight answer to it without bringing Jesus into it, that answer just tells me that the poster doesn't have a clue.

    Your son is Vinny too!??! That's great, he'll be a smart guy and the ladies will chase him and he'll be rich and known all over the world. (Well that's what my mom told me about my name 'Vince". But what do Moms know..)


    Not sure I follow, you mean if one believes in Jesus then their answers are all worthless? Like if I would answer "Jesus said". We're talking about religous questions here since this thread is about fundamentalist christians.

    This is what I am saying. It seems that if you ask ten different people the same question about fundamentalist christians you get ten different answers. I really don't mind being called a fundamentalist if the true definition fits, but let's first educate ourselves on just what a fundamentalist christian is. I heard some people say that a fundamentalist christian believes God has ordered christians to kill the infidels. Are we just making up our own definitions now?


    Fair enough! but a recent survey shows that there are now over 37,000 registered sects claiming to be Christian, and not just ten.
    How would you suggest the position be resolved?

    Simple, Ask yourself, what are the fundamental teachings of Jesus Christ and His Apostles? (Not any group such as the WatchTower) but the very bible itself (not a modern redo such as the NWT which is only about 60 years old). You will probably find that your religion does not fall under fundamental/orthadox Christianity.

    A Christian fundamentalist to me is a person of faith that has no compromising views, unable to reach forward and see that everything changes- The worst case of a closed mind. Stubborn, unable to accept the new world and prefers to live in a world 2000 years old, although rather than a donkey cart, they drive SUV's and wear modern clothing, have TV's and mingle with modern society with the drive to change everyone to their antiquated world. The worst case is not Christians but Muslim extremists that still dress in the garb of 2k years ago and in some extreme beyond extreme, will practice their interpretation of the Qur-an and kill those that are considered infidels.

    But this is my opinion...


    Indeed, well said Vinny! :)

    Ya know I believe in god, But fundamentalist??  I work hard, probably harder that most, I put in an 8 hr day at work and most times that just getting started. farming season its 8 hrs at work and at least 10 hrs after that. That's spring and fall, And those late nites you have to put your faith in God. Its midnight and your in a half mile long  field {or longer} doing 3 MPH something wakes you up when its time to turn.. You put your faith in  God for the crops that are out so you have a half way Decent harvest. And at the same time you pull it all in and try to understand when a hail storm comes along and rips the crap out of your crops.  Fundamentalist ??? No Just an old country boy, You wanna drink beer? Ya I can do that . you want to talk about Christ ya I can do that too. You want to scorn me because I drink and raise a little he!! every now and then? Don't believe in drinking because your a {Christian} ? Remember Christ turned water in to wine. Fundamentalist?? Hummmm? I don't think I'm a Fundamentalist  just some guy low on the totem pole that believes in God .


    Jesus said, "You believe in God, believe also in me".

    Do you believe in Jesus JDB? Have you made Him your Lord?

    Fundamentalist is often the gateway to false religions.


    All fundamentalist religions are false because they are not religion but traditions. And once again, traditions are not religion, but pathways to it, True RELIGION is One for it is God and our true home in God, therefore is the goal of all traditions and creeds.

    This I have addressed numerous times in this twitter because in is most important at this most auspicious time to understand this. For the world has forgotten this truth. For it is a beginning of the restorations.

    When this is accomplished then will Traditions will be able to find Peace with each other sharing understanding and good works, knowing they are all on the same journey to God the Father. Let them hear it who can let them receive it who can now in this time and in this place. Amen

    A question for you Gabalis, (and anyone else who would like to answer)

    Were the Apostles of Christ (Paul, Peter, James, John, etc.) fundamentalist Christians? Why or why not?


    No they were True Men of God, not literalists or materialists, thus not fundamentalists.


    You need to look up just what a fundamentalist is. These Apostles gave us the fundamentals of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Permit me please to answer your question.
    The answer is emphatically NO! They were not fundamentalists.
    They did not believe or teach that the earth was created in 6/24 days. But knew that their salvation depended on they being permitted to enter Gods day of rest. Hebrews 4. Which has more than 1,000 years still to run.
    They did not contaminate their religion with references to false Gods such as easter. They did not promote any pagan festivals and try to change it to a Christian festival. Xmas.
    They did not swear fealty to any Earthly King or Emperor salute or hail his standards, or enter his armed services or pay homage to his standards or Battle flags.
    They did not engage in idolatry of any sort.
    They kept their form of worship pure and clean before Jehovah and his King designate.

    Did they submit to the authority of a WatchTower for their understanding?

    An unyielding rock in the path of progress that is dull, grey in color, uninteresting in most respects and habitually parrots phrases as their way to win friends and influence people. Boring, usually educated sparsely and don't stand out in a crowd.


    Interesting, but I have been called a fundamentalist and it seems I have been standing out of the crowd here quite a bit, at least I have seemed to get some folks blood pressure worked up. I don't think my parrots of scripture have been boring, quite the opposite, it seems to generate some robust debate. But according to what you believe a fundamentalist is leaves me out of the label.

    The Christ, through Jesus, revealed or taught the inward spiritual meaning of that which was written, thus restoring Moses's spiritual laws which had become misinterpeted and literal,  bringing new laws by the grace of his profund revelations.  Thus he guided men to understand beyond the literal writing of the scriptures, to understand  their spiritual intent..  Christ taught one how to perceive past the letter of the word, to the spiritual, practical application in the living of it. 

    In mens legal system this is called Juris Prudence, meaning the intent or Spirit of the Law.  This transcends the letter of the law, which is evil.  In this time this Juris Prudence is rarely applied in the courts, giving way to the letter of the law.  Thus few lawyers give it any thought.  If new upcoming lawyers get four hours regarding Juris Prudence, in four years of study, they would be lucky. 

    Therefore Jesus was most certainly not a fundamentalist, indeed the very opposite, by everything he taught and spoke.  He was the true Metaphysician or Magian of his time.  For this He was Crucified! by fundamentalists, for He dared to speak the truth in a world where there is no truth; an illusionary realm where death and suffering is master.  The Ignorance remains even now it has just been raised up to its new position, knowledge.   Knowledge is the new ignorance, when it is without understanding.

    It is thus the teachings of our beloved Jesus the Christ have been literalized, perverted by avarius and materialism.  His laws literalized to the letter by fundamentalism.   Now the time has come again that they too, must be restored in truth, and garnished with new revelations to enlighten this New Age now come upon us.   Awake up all you lovers of truth. 



    I gather from your many rants on fundamentalism that you believe any Christian who warns non-believers about a judgment day of fire and brimstone to come for those who reject Jesus Christ is indeed a "fundamentalist".

    However, Jesus Himself warned of this and you declare that Jesus is not a fundamentalist. How do you reconcile the two?

    Here is Jesus' word on the matter, if it is not literal, then please exegeate why it is not literal......

    "And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. " (Rev 20)

    Friendof . . . ?   You do stand out as an ignorant blustering fundamentalist with every trick, trap and judgement, you pronounce upon others.  You would be dangerous in a mob.  What little knowledge you have of your own, has made you a stumbling block to others.   As for understanding you are dvoid of reason.  For in you the flesh is willing, but it is the spirit that is weak.   Open your  heart, open your mind, its never too late.  WAKE UP!    


    Greetings Gabalis,

    Could you post a quote of mine that brings you to your conclusion? This would be most helpful so everyone reading (including myself)can understand your accusations.

     It is not an accusation it is a fact, you yourself have declared your self a pharisee, by declaring yours self a fundamentalist.  Apparently it finally sunk in, though I have known that from the beginning.


    You sound just like the Pharaisees of ole' who tried to trick our brother Jesus, that they might accuse him,  asking "by what authority do you speak."  And so sayeth that same Spirit, poor, ignorant pharaisee, foul tricksters " My answewr remaineth the same even in this time and in this place.  For the inward voice heard in the hearts of men is indeed pretty, sweet, beautiful, powerful in its understanding,  and in its meaning all uplifting.  WAKE UP. 


    I take from this answer that you speak upon your own authority then. When Jesus answered the naysayers He would often say "it is written". Does this make Jesus a fundamentalist?

    Not sure I follow, you mean if one believes in Jesus then their answers are all worthless? Like if I would answer "Jesus said". We're talking about religous questions here since this thread is about fundamentalist christians. - (friendofgod)

    FriendofGod, Regarding your comments to Vinny: Not so, though I know your heart, may be, in the right place, you need to open you mind and heart, for you are pushy, you do not listen, nor ponder anything heart-fully offered. You are speaking about fundamentalists, not True Christians who have evolved past and beyond literal, pharisaic doctrines. Nor are your questions religious but the binding ropes of dogma. Spirit is not so stilted but divinely progressive, ever evolving through men, revealing more with each new Age, to them that can receive it. The basic teachings are indeed, fundamental, like two and two is four. This is knowledge, like the activity of numbers, and such as history. Spirituality is not much different, except the formulas are words, also containing their secrets. Spiritually one learns the verbal formulas (verses, parables), then like a physicist ponders upon them to find their Solution. And the Savior is always the solution. By this may one speak in and with Spiritual authority, those things (revelations) revealed to him of Spirit.

    Those, who haven't discovered this are simply caught in historic’s and the dry bones of the past. They are fundamentalists who have not progressed, ignorantly calling themselves Christians, because they don’t know any better. This is because their teachers didn’t know either. It is the same with all fundamental traditions. Through Jesus, Christ came to prepare the way to the New Age, which is now come upon us. He knew the time in which the Christ would reveal the Greater mysteries to those who could hear in heart and thus receive in mind his new word, for the new time. A living word is a word understood, mere knowledge is dead without understanding. We are entering a new and glorious time. The New Age is Aquarius, the Water Bearer. Water is the symbol of Understanding, which is now pouring down upon men. Christ is waiting within every man if he will but seek. This is our Age of Enlightenment. It is now, may it bring the True Light to all that thirst for God. Let them hear it Who can; let them receive it who can now in this time and in this place where in the shadows seek for the Light. ?


    Sounds all sweet and pretty Gabalis, but why should I believe you over what Jesus said? Can you produce an authority for your beliefs about this evolution of Christ?


    Or are you your own authority?

    If one performs a simple search on the internet one will find that there are a vast range of definitions given for a Christian fundalmentalist. So many that the label "fundamentalist" is rendered useless. You will find that those who use the term will always have their own personal version of the term and thus it becomes a mute point.


    Here is the definition that I find in God's Word for Christian fundametalism.......

    "All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works." (2 Tim 3:16-17)


    A man (or woman) who calls themselves a Christian and who does not study the scriptures will not understand doctrine, will not accept reproof, will not accept correction, will not know righteousness, will not mature in the Spirit of Christ and will not be throughly equiped unto all good works.

    I am honored to be called a Christian fundamentalist according to the definition which I believe is found in God's Word.

    Can anyone give me an example of something I said in any of my threads that would be considered "fundamental"?
    This seems to happen often. Terms get thrown around and misused. It's like definitions don't matter anymore, it is whatever the person wants it to mean.

    I think maybe my question is not quite clear enough because I am getting some strange answers like all people following a religion is a fundmentalist or such.

    There are Christians who say to other Chrsitians "you are a fundamenatalist". So the question really is what is the difference between a "regular" Christian and a "fundamental" CHristian? In your mind anyways?

    Thanks Vinny (my boy is named Vinny)

    So have you seen me say something that falls into your definition? If you don't remember, ask me a question or two and test me.


    4 months ago and i am just getting around to this.. Ouch! Sorry, I don't know how I missed all this.. NO! I don't see where you have said anything that would make you a fundamentalist Christian-- When I think of this word I think of a person (s) that take their beliefs and exaggerate the meaning of their faith to a point that they are offensive and in some cases even dangerous. Example, the minister that wanted to burn Qur-rans - This is not only disrespectful, it was also dangerous. also the Baptist organization that would go to our fallen soldiers funerals and disrupt in the name of Jesus. I hardly see this action in you.. 'friendofgod' to me means you love your teachings and are not afraid to let others know, I see nothing wrong with this, it doesn't harm others and it is certainly your privilege to express it. My concern was that many people of christian beliefs take it a step too far in my opinion by constantly bringing jesus into ever question they have no answer for-- Certaily you must agree with me on that? if a person ask a question and another person says 'pray to jesus' This to me is a 'copout' to the question, meaning they have no answer.. And, turning to Jesus IMO will not solve ones problem here on this earth.. So in another thread, I said 'You have no job and you complain? find a job other than the one you are looking for, its out there, work, get paid ~then~ pray to jesus you were strong enough to take care of yourself..." That is what i said because so many Christians were saying.. Put Jesus in your heart etc.. Thats just not the answer for someone asking for help .. IMO, I think that Jesus wants us to fight for ourselves, prove our worth to gain acces to heaven, he doesn't want us sitting on our 'donkeys' praying to him all day as the world passes us by.. awaiting the obama stims and handouts.. He wants us to fend for ourselves and help other do the same.. I am that person.. I do believe in Christianity, I am one but I believe the teachings of Christ is to make yourself a 'needed' part of society, 'gain your worth'.. That said, i think you are a great Christian soldier in your own way.. Mine is different, we will meet in the end at the same place!! :)

    You are on the right path brother Vinny, see you in the end! Keep reading your bible and worshipping with your christian friends. God Bless!

    The term fundermantalist christian is used to describe a person with head buried firmly into the sands of indoctrination to the point where he knows the truth* of such nonsense as Noah's arc and the Garden of Eden and such transparent fables that, it is easily provable, could never have happened.
    (We have recently found the skeleton of a tree dwelling human ancestor (opposible toe) a million years
    older** than "Lucy".
    A fundamentalist will, with cultivated blindness, ignore the completly overwhelming evidence of the forming of the universe and the evolutenary processes in favor of a few legends of a handfull of people,over a few brief years in a very small area of the world, at a very recent,very short period of time.
    A fundamentalist wil tell how god loves his created peopli while hi allows thousands of the to die horribly as a result of his playthings such as tsunamis and earthquakes.


    Overwhelming evidence? How about overwhelming nonsense and speculation based on overwhelming impossibilities? It takes far more faith to believe in what you are promoting than to believe in God and what the Bible states.


    "Nope. You gotta be overwhelmed by indoctrination"
    Your indoctrination started as a child when you read a book on dinosaurs, and the first sentence said "Millions of years ago, dinosaurs walked upon the earth." Dinos were alive and documented as little as a few centuries ago. Read Marco Polo's documentation on what the Chinese used to pull their chariots. The ever growing proof is proving the Bible correct, not idiotic Darwinian wannabe's making up stuff to keep God out of the door.


    Mungo, have you ever looked at that Lucy skeleton? It is a monkey! If you seriously believe that skeleton looks like a monkeyman then just who is believing in fables?


    "High intelligence and education"

    Don't place your faith in man my friend, he will let you down everytime!

    Headless Man

    Lucy and the australopithecines show nothing about human evolution, and should not be promoted as having any sort of ‘missing link’ status. The creationist alternative, that humans, apes and other creatures were created that way in the beginning, remains the only explanation consistent with all the evidence.

    Headless Man

    How can you claim all of our evolution, when our brains haven't evolved in a million years?


    Nope. You gotta be overwhelmed by indoctrination


    Faith supposes lack of proof. Not nacessary in the light of ever growing proof.


    Yes I have looked at the Lucy skeleton and the reconstruction. I have also read the research and conclusions on this of many people of high intelligence and education, and who have spent their lives in persuit of the truth of such things. Sure, it's a step on the evolution process. And... it is withowt doubt or fable hominoid,


    Freedom Fighter. You say that it would take more faith to believe in what i am promoting [Scientific discovery] than to believe in the stories of your bible. How much purswading would it take to have you believe that the sun is God? or that the whole universe revolves around a flat earth. Or perhaps that the Gods of all things dwelt on Mt. Olympus? Many, many people used faith in such things to explain THEIR ignorance. Galilao found fact not faith. And did not the faithful try to howl HIM down?!


    Yes high intelligence and education. Not meaningless grunts...please?

    Religious fundamentalism is like pornography- difficult to define, but you know it when you see it.


    It has further occured to me on this following day, that this very site, these particular labels, are the very forum for meaningful debating and argument, therefore everyone on it would have to be repramanded or even threatened, including yourself.   I have read and witnessed pages and pages of heated arguments, most nonsensical, profane and personal subjects suited more for other like labels.  Always  someones "feelings" are bound to get hurt, because someone did't agree with them, or that of their worldy lives and choices or that might have challenged ones view or belief, for which they had on understanding.  This is not a place for whinning and crying over hurt feelings.  Not a place for the weak or sensitive.

    To be on such a site as this, one must be impersonal, that means "do not take anything personal."  Try to stick as close to the issues. Certainly stand up for ones issues, but keep an open mind, for one might just learn somehing new, that could make ones life better.  This is the good of the site.  Any and all "Troll like" postings notwithstanding.

    Therefore, I am in the right place to share and voice my views and revelations, argumentative or no.  Therefore Colleen if you are an administrator you are poorly picked as is the system or format by which you were picked, for it is apparently by the numbers, not by a fair and honest Conscience.  The selection system soon or later is going to need radical revision.   No wonder even the "Crucifer'" seems to be courting you of late.  Now you seem to be defending him.  (Chuckles) 

    Colleen, you yourself, are pretensive in your "godliness"  being one of the most  distainlul, and argumentive of members.  Of course you have gathered a few ignorant minions, which only validate the  darkess you represent.

    Though I have not addressed any of your postings for some time, I have read your contributions, from the insulting ZZZzzz, s to various members,  to your rampages about the glory of perversion.  Hypocrite, you and the Crucifer are a pair by your extremes . You have now grown quite full of yourself even becoming more bold by your appointment, for now you threaten openly.  Shameless creature to I say unto you "Let him who hath not sinned cast the first stone."   Never ignore the fact that God knoes your evry thought; God knows your ways and your heart.   



    I am doing as the administrators ask. I am not an administrator, I am a moderator carrying out their newest wishes. If you have an issue with that, take it to them. Where you get casting stones from this, I do not know. 2 days later, you need to calm down. All forums evolve. This one is trying to get back to what it was designed for, a question and answer site. A safe place where people can come to get answers for their issues. There have been many complaints about the Christian fighting here. It needs to stop. This is not a Christian site. It is not a purely religious site. The tags are there to let people know they can seek advice, guidance or answers to such topics. They are not there to induce fighting and arguing. What you and FoG were doing was not discussing, you were arguing. If you're speaking of homosexuality when you say this," to your rampages about the glory of perversion." I put no glory to it other than to say we have a right to exist. God is in charge, not close minded people. As for the name calling I mentioned, I only did so because FoG asked me why I let you get away with calling him names. Now leave it be. It's done.

    Hummm . . . it seems I have stepped too hard, on some fundamentalists toes, hurt feelings, for I have  been repremanded by the Administers of this site?  Again, Hummm . . . Coleen?

    Nevertheless, debates of such important Philosophical subjects are oft heated, and arguementive, even so these specific Subjects are Imporant Labels, as they have been specifically requested by loyal members.  I myself have oft, most of late, (particularly when I beheld our beloved Brother Jesus, Crucified again, by His "posting" again, and on this site, as a user identity), thus I have been most aggresive and hard, knocking ever harder and harder on that thick door of fundamentalism, trying to penetrate that great wall of dogmatism, which blocking Reason closes mens minds and hardens mens hearts.  By this how will they ever find and  know the Christ?

    Did not Jesus the Christ Himself  knock at that same door?  Did he not admonish all dark paths?  Some heard him and followed him or we would not have His glorious teachings today.  Christ encouraged those who had heard and received "His Word" to continue His works. This is the New Time, Christ's works now in this time is  to open mens minds to Understanding.  For this Jesus was crucified for Christ's teachings and Jesus's truly righteous argument and debating, pointing to this Time when the Mystery of God would be made plain and practical.   This I do, as able  by sharing my Understanding as I am allowed with any that can hear it.  It is most important at this most auspicious time, that any and all who are able declare the Time.

    Nevertheless, My Spiritual Cause and Momentum has been loudly made and clearly sounded on this site, therefore I will tone down any further strong admonishments.  My "feelings" have not been hurt, nor have I been offended nor will I be offended in any offences that come to me, for they are inspiring.  Thus I will  continue to share and give what I have been freely given to understand.  If this is a problem, I will happily vacate this site when and if the proper authorities or proper administrators so request it.  And I will do it without ill feeling, and say God Bless use of the forum.   For my seeds have been  planted, may they bare fruit.  Amen   



    No one reprimanded you. I asked you to end the back and forth as it was not a discussion, it was an argument. If you are going to claim you were reprimanded, then try this. Stop name calling.

    Crucifier . . . loverof . . .?

    You ask for examples of your ignorant fundamentalism, One example greater than all the innumerable others.  An ignorant incantation of a dark parrot decrying, declaring:


    God hates himself!   Amazing the tryanous ignorance   I have not but piety for you.  Wake Up before its too late.  


    I'm going to ask you to leave this argument alone also. The religious fighting on this forum needs to end as per the administrators. You've each had your say. Leave it be now. Thank you.

    By the Understanding God has lovingly allowed, thus do I speak not as a parrot begging crackers, but in Spiritual confidence.    Amen 


    And though I have [the gift of] prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.

    And though I bestow all my goods to feed [the poor], and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.

    Charity suffereth long, [and] is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,

    Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil;

    Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;

    Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

    Charity never faileth: but whether [there be] prophecies, they shall fail; whether [there be] tongues, they shall cease; whether [there be] knowledge, it shall vanish away.


    Those who own this site certainly have the right to make any rules they choose.


    Yes they do.

    It seems apparent that many simply do not understand just what a Christian fundamentalist is. Daren1 probably gave the best answer really when he said a Christian fundamentalist is a follower of Jesus Christ.

    Think about it, what does the word "fundamental" mean? Look it up! You probably most certainly already know. It means essential foundational principles.

    I would wager that just about every person on this board who calls themselves a Christian is a fundamental Christian. Question, do you believe Jesus is God, the second person of the Trinity? If yes, then you are a fundamental Christian. Do you believe that faith alone in Jesus Christ is the only to be saved? If yes, then you are a fundamental Christian. Do you believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ? If yes, then you are a fundamental Christian. Do you believe in the death, burial and ressurrection of Jesus Christ? If yes, then you are a fundamental Christian. Do you believe the bible is the inerrant word of God? If yes, then you are a fundamental Christian.

    You have seen in this thread an all out assassination, actually upon God's Word, Jesus Christ and His apostles, mostly by Gabalis, how he hates fundamental Christians and how he loves to belittle them with fanciful rhetoric of how the love of "the Christ" as he calls it flows from his heart and spirit. Maybe it's just me, but do you feel the love anyone? I trust you have noticed that in return I did not repay the evil with evil, I only tried to lead him into the scriptures, which he wanted nothing at all to do with.

    So Christians, educate yourselves as to just what a fundamentalist Christian is. Search the web and see. I believe most of you will come to find that YES indeed you are a fundamentalist just like Jesus, Paul, Peter, James, John and all of the other apostles were. Fundamental because we believe in unchanging truths such as we find written in the Word of God. Pilate mocked Jesus when Jesus spoke of truth saying "what is truth?". We are attacked daily by "Pontius Pilates" in this world, but the fundamentalist will stand strong against it and stand for Truth.

    The media would have you indoctrinated to believe that "fundamentalist" is a bad thing. Search and read what they say, here is just one source to look at 

    So stand strong Christians! I charge [thee] therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry. (2Ti 4)

    God Bless! In Christ.


    This is the end of your sermon. You have had your say. This is not a christian forum nor is it a platform for you to preach from or push your agenda on. Unless you have a question concerning Christianity that you yourself can not come up with the answer for, I suggest you find a Christian discussion board to build your pulpit on. Your religion is not the religion of akaQA. You will not continue to hang here in hopes of destroying anothers beliefs in order to get them to swallow your beliefs.
    As per the actual owners of akaQA.

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