can someone be charged with drug sales when they never physically exchanged anything?

    a 'friend' of mine called me and said he was out of town could i do him a favor and get his friend something. i agreed. he then called me back and we talked and he asked for a specific amount for him and another specific amount sepearately for my 'friend' for hooking him uup. he asked me tomeet him at a certain public place . i showed up and was swarmed by police. he stepped out of the car and said give me the drugs. i handed it to him. i never sold him anything.i am not a drug dealer

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    You will be charged with posession and supply,iv'e got a feeling your friend set you up.

    friend hahaha

    i was charged with a felony with intent to sale. and yes i was setup...entrapement ifeel

    Who is a silly Billie you know what you did wrong hey we have all done things wrong its part of growing up I do hope you will learn from this huge mistake you know right from getting the call it was wrong and you went a head and now you will have to pay for this in futcher dont go there you know its going to get you you a whole lot of trouble


    I like the 'Silly Billy' part...That's probably what they are going to call him in jail.

    fish girl your proberly right there! oxoxox

    It doesn't matter. You provided someone with illegal drugs. You're not getting out of this one.


    It does sound as if your friend set you up.  Was your friend arrested as well?  You are up the creek without a paddle unless of course you live here...our system is so full that you would only get a slap on the wrist for your first offence..........Don't do it again you fool!  Stay away from drugs and get yourself an could use one.

    you made a big boo boo... I hope you learned from this and that it doesn't follow you forever...

    You in a heap of trouble  boy

    friend hahaha

    i know...and for what? i did not sale anything to anyone. it should be misdemeanor possesion

    It was assumed most likely that you intended to by the act itself.

    Like others i will not Judge your caricature. You now the diff.

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