What 's your favorite kind of question to answer? To ask?

    Be specific.  You are being graded!

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    on Animals and food and words meaning of them deit and health good question bob!


    I like the word meanings, too. Thank you for sharing.

    thank you Bob xxx

     Questions like this ,thought provoking, or ones I can use my sense of humor if it seems appropriate and I dont offend anyone. 

    Life experiences of others and how they have dealt with them compared to similar situations in my life and how I responded to them. I have come to realize that I am not as kind or forgiving as many of those here. Play me, and you will regret it. I can and have been ones worst nightmare.Being nice is nice, I prefer being nice.


    It wouldn't be QA without you! Your edginess keeps me on MY toes.
    ed shank

    I'll try not to step on those toes.

    Why are you so beautiful, Bob/PKB?  Is this specific enough?



    Thanks, Chiangmai, I needed that! May I ask the same of you?

    My very favorite questions are the ALIEN QUESTIONS!  I just love them.  They employ my imagination and Carl... my alien visitor....(just joking)...(Carl is taking a life of his own and it's a hoot).

    I don't really ask questions because quite frankly, you are very good at it and if I wait long enough you will ask the question I was wondering about...I thought of this question  I can totally rely on you!


    I'm gonna have to check your alien answers!
    fish girl, you're gonna have to come up with one question for me; I'm out of town until Thursday night. I'm counting on you!

    I like the  questions when the answer just pops into my head.....


    .....and don't you feel so smart when that happens....I do!

    anything that pertains to the truth about the life, why were here and were we are going!!


    Those are some of my favorites, too. They really give you a chance to verbalize your strongest feelings.

    To answer.would you mistreat your wife (Abuse) NO i respect my wife she has been a loving person honest cares laughs ,mind you i make her laugh the silly things i do ,like putting up a shelf standing back and say "how"s that it would fall down "Oh well cant be good at everything! or anything she would say ."We both laugh thats been that way for Fifty years.Love trust true to each other.She give me a Precious gift A Son good kind just like his MUM. I am a luck man Live in a good country Scotland on the river clyde.Looking at the hills across the river fresh air its good when its sunny.this is life .Maybe iam in Heaven as they say .

    hi my faveret qwiz to ask is about god is there a heven and a hell .how to make servival wepons  how to be a good person.from sniper 1237 call me sniper dundee


    Hi Sniper Dundee! Thank you for your answer. The questions about god/God are always controversial. I've never seen a question about making weapons. Point me in the right direction on those!

    hey sniper! wheres crocodile these days? lol

    I like technical questions. I also like questions relating to airline, commercial aircraft and aviation/aerospace inquiries. I am a displaced airline employee who lost my career after the September 11 terrorist attacks and have training in aerospace technology but cant seem to find a better job than the one I have now at a Wendys hamburger restaurant!!!!!! I also love this site as I learn from the responses to questions that others provide. Also there are some very good questions from intelligent people. There are many smart people out there and I commend each of you!

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