should school enforce a uniform dress code

    im doin a essay on the out come of school uniform

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    No. Who cares what you wear or if you dye your hair blue? (Teachers probably.) I'd be happy if you arrived on time every day, handed in homework when it was due and studied hard. What do you get out of wearing uniform? Nothing... except a mother forever washing. The hard work got me Ba(1st class hons) & a job I love.

    Don`t you mean what do you get out of wearing A uniform? What you get out of a mother forever washing is a very clean mother. The hard work got you Ba ? how about a B.A. Love seeing how educated people communicate compared to the peasants.
    Yes, I think it would be great here in USA, I grew up in soviet union and we allways enforced to have a uniforms all same looking and it was great, parents didnt had to spend money on clothing and nobody wouldnt know who is rich and who is poor. I think it would solve lots of problems in schools!!!

    You have a good point about not giving away rich & poor. She could use it to present a balanced argument.

    i agree that it would not give away whose rich and whose poor. how good that would be! i had so many problems growing up. i wanted to dress like my friends and my family couldn't afford it. it made my mother so sad and i was just angry all the time. looking back i could cry. it's too late to apologize to my mom.

    US army and police have a uniforms why cant they do that in schools, I disagree with lots of stuff that Soviet union did but this one thing about having same uniforms in schools I support
    a lot of schools already have them they are called "prisions"
    i agree with ms. betty 100% problem is most school systems are broke as well as lot of parents so who would finance it. also maybe the teachers should have a uniform as well

    teachers in uniform. great!
    "typing goat?"
    i dont think there should be uniform we all have the rights to wear want we what so kids use the way they dress to express there selfs...

    You need more study and less time here: "wear want we what " Try "wear what we want" next time. "They dress to express there selfs" Should be "they dress to express themselves" would make a great impact on the attitudes of the kids...they would have to find something else to pick at.

    Calling them children would be more accurate. I don't think Cardair is a typing goat.

    my comment came before your expression of 'typing goat" it's such a small issue ... but still.

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