Can You See Sin At Work?

    As I read over the dialogue in these threads you can just feel the works of sin in many of the post. The bible teaches us that sin is in all mankind past down through the blood of Adam who is the father of us all. I especially find the Karma followers very intriguing, you would think that if one truly believes in karma they would be very, very nice even to those who rub them the wrong (bad karma) way.

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    you see sin in our dialogue?! stop looking!
    i have seen some mispelled four-letter words.
    i've seen some people ask questions about sex that can be kind of embarassing.
    i mostly see people helping people from a distance.
    i have seen no blood of adam. blood of adam?!

    Greetings Itsmee,

    The blood of Adam courses through all of mankinds veins. The blood that is in you has been passed on to you by your parents, from their parents, from their parents, from their parents, from their parents.........get the picture? All the way back to Adam who sinned and received the curse from God......

    Rom 5:12 ¶ Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:

    Rom 5:15 But not as the offence, so also [is] the free gift. For if through the offence of one many be dead, much more the grace of God, and the gift by grace, [which is] by one man, Jesus Christ, hath abounded unto many.

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    You want to see sin, work at a prison. I am for the death penalty now. Yes, god created a great many very, very , very, bad people. I dont believe in forgiveness for these people. Very few of these people will become better citizens. And by the way , i do judge others. I do judge child molesters, sex offenders, rapists, murderers, drug dealers. Society has no use for these people. They should not be given another chance to freedom. By judging others you create an observance of their bad behavior to protect yourself from their evil. Everybody judges everybody. Thats how relationships form. You just judged me from reading my answer. Protect yourself by looking for sin in people.

    bad bad people in prison. sinful people.
    FISH-O have actually helped me with something I was having a difficult time with...not to and with such extremes...but you have placed a situation in a new light. I appreciate this answer.
    Not my job to look for sin, will leave that up to God. Not my job to judge others, is it yours?

    nice. : )

    Greetings Mmouse,

    You are partially correct according to scripture.

    We are not to judge as in condemning one to hell, only God may have that final word.

    We are to judge ourselves and repent from what the scriptures tells us is sin.

    We are also to judge other christians that we may help lead them out of sin.

    Everyone must make judgments as Zorro pointed out, but we must make them according to God's word of instruction.

    God Bless!
    Zorro has a good point, the verse that secular people quote only part of is,"Judge not, lest you be judged. For by what measure you judge, you will be judged also."

    Meaning if your a murderer, you have no right to judge another murderer. Or if you smoke tobacco and you judge someone for smoking, that's just being a hypocrite. You can still judge people as long as you aren't guilty of the same behavior.

    Sometimes you can judge another in order to put your own behaviour in a state of judgement in your own eyes. It can help us to grow if we are open minded enough to admit our own flaws.
    sin never takes a fact it seems to working over time: i m sure you see sin working just as well as you see christ working..excempt in my opinion christ works harder, as long as your looking down the corridor of hope!sin seems to work hardest while were at idle. to me karma just keeps track of those with "wise" answers... god also said we will know each other by our love ,not theaology

    Greetings Daren,

    God said we will know them (Christians) by their good fruits, also by their love AND also by their sound doctrine concerning the gospel of Jesus Christ. You are right in that some theology is not esential to being a Christain.

    In many ways I am fortunate.  I can't see sin at work because I am president, designer, worker bee and minion for my own company.  I am too busy to sin and now I must get to work.

    Hi jhharlan...I hope you are having a glorious day!  I am still working on that 'super-fantastic' nickname!  Big hug!

    Yes you can see sin at work everyday where I work I am not perfect myself so I am sure I do too but I try not to.
    The only SIN I saw at work was the NO LOADS that did nothing all week and STILL received a check on payday.

       And also . . . Sin would seem to be practically the whole of the fundamentalist's, misconstrued doctrine of faith.  For their faith, seems to be in "IT" - as they ever declare IT.  They even call themselves Sinners with some twisted pride veiled in fained humility.

    Sadly, being fault finders, they are become blind and can see no Good, they are possessed of the Evil Eye.  For leave it to the fundamentalist to feed their fantasies of Sin ever seeking for all its many dark shades and colours.   It seems Foggy wishes to continue the tradition  of Crucifying the sincere and innocent seekers, mentally, heartfully, phycologically.

    The Christ:said regarding such dark mentors; "do as they say but do not do as they do for they say and do not".  They have knowledge but they simply do not Understand, what the Spirit of Love hath said; what the Christos sayeth.

    Remember forgiveness restores Innocence the more. 

    The Movie "Being There"  (Peter Sellers) was a wonderful expression of this.  It actually put me in a most Peaceful state of Mind.  I bought it for that cause.



    So people are to do as I say??? And not as I do???

    This shows your lack of understanding how to apply the scriptures to real life situations.

    Please everyone, do not do as I say. THis was Jesus talking about the Pharisees who were given by God the charge of the leadership at the time. Gabalis is misusing the scripture. No one should do as I say, I have no authority. Do as Jesus says, not I. I am only a preacher of God's Word.

    Remember, it is Jesus who said, "there is none good but God". Gabalis has alot of disdain for Jesus' words. Read the gospels for yourselves and decide who is the blind.

    INDEED BY THIS VERY QUESTION - Fundamentalists; this fundamentalist is actually encouraging others to preceive sin in others; seeking to nuture this so called sin.  This by asking people to expand the Sin of fault finding; by asking the innocent to look for it; to see it.  Is this the teaching of Jesus the Christ !?  I think not!

     Just in case you missed it, most Foggy One, the Evil Eye is the Eye that sees only fault in and of most everyone and everthing that doesn't agree with dark ignorant misconstrued doctrines of faith. 

    Foggy I hereby offer you a most powerful Spiritual KEY:  "I come in judgement, that those that see not might see -  and - those that see might be made blind."   This is one of the most profound teachings of the Christos, through the Master Jesus.

    It is thus I also here offer you its higher Spiritual solution:  Love comes in judgement, that those that cannot see the Good that they might see it -- and those that see not but fault that they might be made blind to it."   Only by this may one preceive (the Single Eye of perception)  the Good our God in the world of men

    "For when thine Eye be Single then thine whole body shall be full of Light!" - the Christos.

    Let us see the Good that we may know God in the World of men; let us see the Love Spirit that we might know the Christ in the hearts of men.

    Let all hear and receive it who can now in this time of the promise of this glorious New Age, of Aquarius, wherein the Mysteries of God shall be made plain.  Amen



    For so long a time now Gabalis your methods of debate are let wanting. THe method of building straw men so you can then easily tear them apart declares your weakness in knowledge.

    Those here reading your post are not fools, they can see that the things you post and declare that they are from me and my words are false. One of the ten commandments is thou shall not bear a false witness. This you do most every post. Why? Why does this sin so easily beset you? You have not so learned this method from Christ.

    Jesus Christ, the Supreme Fundamentalist of all time, the One who said "My words shall never pass away" is the One you oppose with your false witness of His glorious words. Repent ye therefore and be washed in the precious saving blood of the Lamb!

    I am just a preacher, the Father draws, the Holy Spirit convicts and Jesus saves.

    "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded" (this would be Jesus Christ's great commission to all who should follow after Him)

    Sin is all around but it is not for me to judge for I have the beam in my own eye....


    Jesus said remove the beam from your own eye and then you can see clearly to help your fellow man remove theirs. (Matt 7)

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