What would be some signs that a couples marriage is in trouble and heading for a divorce. would there be any small things to look for such as ????

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    I don't think there is any one sign.  It can be a combination of things.  Everyone has a different experience it seems.  Some times you are just going through a rough spot and it all turns out fine.

    You said "small thing".  We didn't.


    What I was meaning by that small thing was mabe a insignificant movement like holding hands , or pulling out a chair for her at the dinner table, a kiss goodby leaving for work something like that or along those lines of thought.

    I know. I was just joking. My bad. :)

    It’s a feeling like the unopened Pepsi can that the car just rolled over in the driveway.

    For most of the couple I have seen split no matter what the actual cause..  Ihave always seen a coldness grow between them. generally gets a "feeling" for this one.......lying about small things....being away for large amounts of time from your mate....and the list goes on and on and on....(:

    When she finds a lip stick mark on his collar; when he finds her turn away from him to answer her cell phone.

    I knew my marriage was in trouble when the couple on top of my wedding cake started to the wedding!

    I would focus on the wedding invitation first, then how the bride dresses.

    Well, matheneyg,  I wouldn"t exactly call those two things small things to look for.



    How long have you not been the man she married? That will tell you if the possibility exists that she's no longer interested in you or whatever you have to say.

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