Third from the bottom on the right hand side of the Zoosk that guy an actor? Was he in "Whip It"?

    No...sorry...third from the top...

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    Sorry @Fish, I don't know what you are talking about.........


    There was an advertisement a very long time ago for singles... the guy third from the bottom on the right looked like Bliss' crummy but cute boyfriend from the movie Whip It.
    Lol fish, they get attractive looking people so that it appeals to people.
    I have had this chick there saying she is 15 miles away let's me now lol ..

    Ha Ha... the reality is ... people like my ex-husband are really the one's using the service. He has not aged well. Sad and true.
    Deleted User

    I have friends on Facebook whom are married whom follow people on there lol ..
    So age good some dont, I've got more wrinkles than up an un ironed shirt , it's builds character lol .. That's my excuse I'm standing by it lol

    I was Christmas shopping this weekend and I thought, "OH, I need some moisturizer!" It has almost doubled in price... Helloooooo wrinkles!
    Deleted User

    Hemeroid cream lol worked for zsa zsa lol

    Hilarious Darling!!! :D :D

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