how do i get the girl i love away from the guy she is with for me to be with her

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    You're very young, aren't you? Do you want this girl to hate you? Never try to wedge yourself between a couple. You will lose every time.

    IF (and this is a big I-F) you can get her away from the guy she is with so she can be with you, let me tell you something you'd better understand RIGHT NOW.
    Anyone (male or female), who drops a relationship to be in another relationship is not to be trusted. That person cultivated the new relationship while putting on a false front of fidelity to the person who got dropped. What is really creepy is the "new person" tolerated the other relationship, the  cheating and sneaking around, and whatever lies were told to reduce suspicion.
    PERSONALLY, I wouldn't trust THAT person to be faithful to me. 

    Be a FRIEND to both of them, with no hidden agenda or axe to grind (see other question somewhere with those two phrases ).  As a friend, you will respect each of them as individuals and you will respect the fact that they are a couple.  Or stay out of their live completely, because you have sabotage on your mind.  That would most likely end up kicking you in the butt.

    AND REMEMBER, what goes around comes around (eventually).  If you don't want something said or done to you, don't say or do it to someone else.


    Just trying to be friends doesn't work. I tried that and didn't try to come between them but include any of his friends. She was still jealous and I quit trying to be friends with him. I am hoping he will see the light some day. She is no good. But it is his decision and problem now.

    Lupe, I hope he does come to his senses some day and realize that you are an amazing person. You just keep being the sweetheart that you are. If you two are supposed to be together, the opportunity will probably come about sooner or later. Keep your eyes and heart open for someone else, though. Ya never know!

    The girl might be quite happy with her boyfriend,you can't make somebody be with you if they don't want to be.Don't let your jealousy and self satisfaction get the better of you.Leave her be .

    You have a screw loose here . You risk death for stealing a woman  from a angry jealous boy friend . Stupid people die over this stupid stuff every day ,and you wish to be one of them LOL very funny . This is better than jerry springer . What part of stupid idea dont you understand .If you wish to get your self killed why not sign up and go to Bagdad . Dumb freaking idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Impress her more...

    If it is meant to be, she will be yours, but dont try too hard!

    If you want to let your feelings known to her, at least you can put your soul at rest, and she can decide!

    Depends how strongly ya feel kid ;)

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