what are you a slave to?

    weather we realize it or not were all slaves to one thing or another

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    My wife has me chained to the sink. Am I a slave

    Nope! I think you're lucky, you have the food right there at hand, if the chain is long enough to reach the fridge. What more could you ask for? :)
    ed shank

    An indentured servant. Stop fooling around here and get back to the sink.

    No. My wife is so good to me. She must really love me. She lets me keep the laptop beside the

    Oh wow! I don't feel one bit sorry for you!!LOL

    this web site
    lately i feel like a slave to this site

    That's what I said too,Daren. LOL . Guess we should get a life, huh ?
    My kids...... But I wouldnt have it any other way.
    Worry and I am trying and praying hard to let go and let God. I am working on it always.

    Worry comes from trying to control things we can't. Stop doing it and you will be much happier. :)

    Lots easier said than done my friend......

    Agree about it being so much harder to do than to say! I went to an anxiety management course and they said never tell people to "snap out of it" or to "stop worrying". It's something that needs to be worked on!
    Good Food

    could be worse i'm sure..

    could's good we can choose :-)

    Are you overweight, Pam ?

    No! Why you ask?
    My big mouth. Constantly offering to lend a hand, and then I have to hustle to get my stuff done on time.

    my mouth often times exceeds my brain compacity as well
    I'm a worrier too, and I try to remember, don't worry about what you can't control.

    we got enough worries for today to surpass tomorrow...
    Money I suppose... I also donate time to serve others and consider my self a slave to God or a servant of God. But, I have to work to pay the bills if I didn't have to work, I would gladly give it up and find something else more constructive to do with my time.
    Time :/

    time waits for no one..
    To my pets,but it is a labour of love.

    call me physic but im guessing you have a python among others

    Sure have....2 snakes(pythons) 3 dogs 3 cats 2 birds.
    my computer

    Same here, also to my cats.

    @carmaxable - Computer Love. lol!
    Ok I admit it I'am totally addicted, hooked.and a slave to my addiction. have been all my life. and i am retired now so I have had this addiction and been enslaved all my life and now for the 1st time i'll let the entire world know what I have been enslaved by for most of my life. Popcicles yep! now the world knows of my enslavement. POPCICLES

    You are hilarious!! Unless of course you are serious! If so, I'd say don't worry...have at er! Better than drugs!!

    There was another member of the forum who ask a question about humor earlier I hope my answer had some effect on their humor

    hahahah. How many of them do you eat per day ?

    15 maybe

    10 licks and ready for the next popsicle. lol!
    My horses.
    My own engrained ideas of self negativity! I get tired of my own mind sometimes, but know I am the one the has the power to overcome and change! I much prefer to be positive and optimistic!
    My birds and my dogs. :)

    and aka..?

    In a way, I suppose I am a slave to aka too.

    My Animals

    To my dogs and chocolate!

    hopefully in the same

    I am a slave to hunting for the best nacho in town……….

    My conscience is my master; I am its slave. That's not always a good thing.

    My 4 year old granddaughter.

    how sweet! im addicted to my grandbabies too. i love them so much. i never thought i could love someone elses child like this.

    I look after her full time. I'm mum.
    Money and reputation..<sigh>..

    I am a slave to Nicorette Gum. If there’s none around, I go into a panic.I think there’s much more to the drug Nicotine than the medics know and understand.

    I have ADHD amd that is possibly an explanation. 

    Side Bar: There are many people who have ADD or ADHD. I believe it’s the cause of divorce, drug addiction, and much unhappiness.  Once it’s diagnosed and medicated, life goes well. I spent a year on the computer learning about it and I started an ADD group in my home. Picture in my paper, even! After what I learned what is was, I no longer needed the meds. (about two years)


    i put down the cigerattes for ten years then just started again recently..i hope to conqur this addiction.
    Okay then Oliver I am Oliver's slave.......

    lucky, Oliver. lol!
    My chickens are convinced I am there to treat them to every leftover scrap of food in the house …and they are right. Also the cats know, beyond all doubt, that I am there to serve them. Then there is the grass, the pidgins, the song birds and crows who all expect to be feed in the morning and remind me of my duty by pecking on my windows if I am 5 minuets late with their breakfast. The neighbors would complain if I didn’t maintain my yard in pristine order. The garbage man would cuss me out for trying to cheat him out of a job if my garbage was not delivered to the curbing plastic bags. Then there is the car mechanic, he flips me the bird the day I am over due for an oil change. The barber calls me a F***ing hippie if I’m late to his chair where he delights in cutting my hair while telling me the town gossip and string of jokes. It just goes on and on day after day and I wouldn’t have it another way.

    We are all a slave to a part truth part 'accepted lie to ourselves' living.  Truth sets us free from ourselves.

    hi daren 1 i am a slave to allha god in islam

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