That's a lie and you know it!

    Sometimes you "catch" a person lying, but he doesn't know you're aware of the lie.  WHAT DO YOU USUALLY DO when you know someone is lying to you?  If you want to give a "for instance....", please be as detailed as you want.  THANKS

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    It would depend on the circumstance. If the lie affected me or someone I cared about, I would call them on it. If it was just to bolster the liars ego, I would probably just let it go and consider the source.


    I love your answer, especially "Just consider the source!"

    Make him aware of his deception and tell him how you feel about his dishonesty.

    call his bluff embarrassment  or not the truth must be told, lies only get bigger and the web is endless..

    Be honest tell him .If you dont his lies will get bigger,and could hurt people not strong enough to stand up to him .Could end up being a "bully .Me i would look him in the eye ,and tell him "no messing about .

    I had a case where we caught a person in a lie and called her on it and so she started spreading lies about us to protect herself.

    We never told anyone about her lie.

    It's a hard thing to go through when it's a loved one.


    I hope no one believed her lies about you and yours.

    Intentional deception is for a purpose. Unintentional deception is a misunderstanding of the facts. Accusation is for what purpose? How does it benefit the accuser?  


    I didn't say you had to accuse anyone of lying. You can say something along the lines of, "Wow, your facts are different from the ones I'm operating from". You can then elaborate on your facts, or question where the person got his facts. At no time do you need to accuse, confront, antagonize, or otherwise incite a negative situation. How it benefits "the person" who brings up the discrepancy of the facts (as known to "the person")is that perhaps between the two of you, you can come up with indisputable facts. The "liar" also gets the benefit of learning the facts, learning that he shouldn't try to BS you, and maybe he'll stop before the next lying situation arises and think twice before lying, at least to you. You can call someone on lying without being confrontational. Well, I can. I don't know you to make that judgment.

    I can't recall being lied to lately. I've got a bunch of old bullshiters around me that have a tendency to embellish a bit.  The kids that drop by the shop, well............ there kids.


    It sounds like this is all in good fun with the guys.
    ed shank

    It is, just a some old dogs remembering they still have a tail to wag.

    I think I only knew one person who lied. she lied about her trips, her wealth, her fancy friends ... blah blah. I liked this girl a lot. (It was a long time ago) I could have either dropped her or just accepted her lies as "stories."  I accepted the stories and we went on as friends for years. after that, someone moved.

    Get in first and just accuse everyone of lying anyway, that way you cant be treated like a fool


    WHOA. Where is that coming from?

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