my 14 yr old bitch has just started to poop in the house even if the door is open and she can go out. In the last year we have lost our other two dogs and now she is on her own.

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    Daisy is rigjht. Dogs can suffer from severe Depression when theire playmates are gone. They also know when theire playmates are sick before anyone else does. You need to give her a lot of attention and her usual routine.

    Hi Suzzie I am sorry for your loss of the other two dogs your dog is feeling this you must get another dog so she feels alone she likes being in the pack unless she is not well take her to the vet and let the vet check her over just incase but I think the vet will say get another dog so she isnt fretting good luck

    she is probably grieving, depressed and old. Do not be abusive to her. Retrain her if necessary, take her for a walk. A little love and kindness goes a long way.  She is alone and finding it difficult to adjust. Expect a few problems. Believe it or not, your 14 year old BITCH has feelings.

    My Jack Russle is doing the same thing she is 14 as well... This years we lost her "Big Man" our German Shepard... and our "little Girl" a pomeramian...  I think it is psychological our vet can find nothing wrong with her.

    She is old and on her own. Depression and hopelessness would be my guess. Try compassion, she doesn't sound as if she's long for this world. Talk with you vet...

    Give me a break !!!!!!!!! Dogs 14 years old what do you expect ????????? Sounds pretty damn callus to me !!!!  Old and alone ,lonely and you worry about me pooping in the house  LOL!!!!!! If I was your dog I would get up right now and go pee in your shoe and then stop off in the bed room and crap on your pillow .My friend has a dog just like that maybe we can arrange a play date so they can compare notes !!!

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