in the cartoon arthur what types of animals are all the characters

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    Arthur ReadMain article: Arthur Read

    Arthur Timothy Read is an aardvark[1] and the protagonist in the series. He is a third grade student at Lakewood Elementary in Elwood City. Has two younger sisters, Dora Winifred (D.W.) and Kate, as well as a dog named Pal. He plays the piano. He wears a yellow cotton sweater layered over a white dress shirt, a pair of blue jeans and signature round brown glasses.

    D.W. Read

    Dora Winifred "D.W." Read is Arthur's eccentric little sister. She is four years old in the beginning of the series and turns five in an episode featuring her birthday.[2] She is a middle child of the Read family. She attends preschool and enjoys watching Mary Moo Cow and listening to Crazy Bus much to Arthur's annoyance. She is also known for her many short-lived obsessions and tantrums if these obsessions are not fulfilled. Many of the series' episodes revolve around tensions between D. W. and her brother. Others are about her preschool friends.

    Buster Baxter

    Buster Baxter (Daniel Brochu) is Arthur's best friend. He is generally happy and creative, with a good sense of humor. He is a white rabbit who wears a turquoise long-sleeve shirt and dark jeans. He is eight years old. He has asthma. He is also obsessed with aliens. Unlike Arthur, Buster doesn't like to read and doesn't do very well in school because he is more interested in telling jokes. He loves eating. He is the only child to a mother who got a divorce when Buster was younger. Like Arthur, Buster's favorite show is Bionic Bunny. He also plays softball. He was given a spin-off series, Postcards from Buster.

    Francine Frensky

    Francine Alice Frensky (Jodie Resther) is a brown monkey with shoulder length brown hair, clipped back with two barrettes. She is an expert athlete and hopes to be in the Olympics. She is 8 years old and celebrates Hanukkah.

    Muffy Crosswire

    Mary Alice "Muffy" Crosswire (Melissa Altro) is a cream monkey and is Francine's best friend. She is eight years old. She is the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur and has an older brother named Chip.

    The Brain

    Alan "The Brain" Powers is a bear of Senegalese descent[3] and celebrates Kwanzaa. He is nine years old. He is multi-talented, excelling both academically and athletically. He also assists his mother in a large ice cream parlor. He is obsessed with overachieving academically and fears that he will fail assignments. This is because he has failed the entire class of Kindergarten.

    Binky Barnes

    Shelley "Binky" Barnes (Bruce Dinsmore) is a yellow bulldog who is nine years old and in third grade for the second time. He is the class bully. Though he is part of the Tough Customers, He plays the clarinet and enjoys Ballet. He is good friends with Sue Ellen. He is allergic to peanuts. In season 11, Binky became a big brother when his parents adopted a baby girl from China named Mei-Lin. In the episode "What's in a Name?", Binky discovers that his real name is Shelley and that he is named after his great grandfather who saved a circus.

    Kate Read

    Kate Read is Arthur and D.W.'s baby sister. She is 1 year old and although she cannot talk to older people yet, she is able to communicate with Pal and Mei-Lin Barnes.

    Sue Ellen Armstrong

    Sue Ellen Armstrong is a third grader cat at Arthur's school, Lakewood Elementary. Her father is a diplomat, so her family has lived in various spots around the world. Unlike Tommy, Timmy, and Emily, she traveled with her parents. She is interested in World culture, and is skilled in the martial arts. She practices Taekwondo, and plays the saxophone. Sue Ellen was born as an only child, and keeps in touch with her brother-like friend in Tibet. She is depicted with a cream vest, a teal dress with curly orange hair contained in two ponytails. She originally had a plain hairstyle before the book, Arthur's TV Trouble and the cartoon show.

    Fern Walters

    Fern Walters (Holly G. Frankel) is one of Arthur's dog classmates. She enjoys reading poetry and novels (especially Sherlock Holmes and Frankenstein's Monster). She also writes her own poems and stories (Fernkenstein's Monster and The Trouble With Trophies). She is knowledgeable about computers, holds group poetry readings at the library, and is an amateur detective. Fern is usually a very shy and nervous person. Fern's mother, Doria Walters, is constantly trying to get Fern to become more extroverted. Even Fern herself sometimes worries she is "too quiet". She usually wears a purple long sleeved blouse with yellow collars and cuffs, yellow pants, and a red ribbon on her head. She's 8 years old.

    Prunella Deegan

    Prunella Deegan (Tamar Kozlov) is a cream rat[4] who is nine years old and a grade above Arthur and his friends, and as a result is somewhat snobbish and condescending towards the younger kids. She brags about winning competitions from last grade and tends to bring it up to Arthur and his friends. She is interested in yoga, fortune telling, and paranormal phenomena. She loves Henry Skreever. She wears a blue dress with a white collar and a purple bow in her hair.

    The Tibble Twins

    Timmy Tibble and Tommy Tibble are twin bear brothers at D.W.'s age, four, who routinely exasperate Arthur, D.W., and mostly everyone with their destructive antics. They are similar to Billy and Bobby. Tommy wears a red scarf and Timmy wears a blue scarf. They stay with their grandmother. Their parents travel the world giving them souvenirs and gifts.


    Emily is D.W.'s best friend. She is five years old. She is a white rabbit with blond hair, wearing a pink dress before season 6, and a blue dress since season 6. She is an expert in gymnastics and is knowledgeable in French culture. Her parents travel around the world similar to Tommy and Timmy's parents. She stays at home with her French nanny, Marie Hélène.

    George Lundgren

    George Lundgren (formerly George Nordgren before season 11) is a moose of Swedish descent wearing an orange shirt with khaki pants. He is seen daydreaming in Arthur's Substitute Teacher Trouble and it is revealed in season 6 that he has dyslexia. He is bullied by the Tough Customers. He is also feared because of his nosebleeds and his clumsiness. Despite this, he is capable of building items such as marionettes as well as winning talent contests by bouncing on a pogo stick.

    Jenna Morgan

    Jenna Morgan (Brigid Tierney) is one of Arthur's classmates. She is 8 years old, lactose intolerant, plays badminton, helps coach soccer, and received an Athlete of the Year award from Michelle Kwan. Jenna hates being the center of attention and dreaded an invitation to Muffy's slumber party because she feared kids discovering that she suffered from Nocturnal enuresis. Jenna wears a pink dress with yellow buttons.

    Other child characters

    Adil Akyuz

    Adil Akyuz is Arthur's eight-year-old Turkish pen pal who was introduced in "Dear Adil". He and Arthur have a lot in common. He is a dark brown bear. Adil has an annoying younger sister, Ayse, who loves the Turkish version of Mary Moo Cow (Arthur became very upset when Adil and Ayse sent D.W. a Turkish Mary Moo Cow CD) and a best friend named Onder (pronounced AHN-door) who has a personality like Buster. His father owns a grocery store. He returned in the Season 13 episode, "The Frensky Family Fiasco", where Francine contacts him on advice on family get-togethers, and he also appeared in the Season 14 episode "The Long Road Home".

    Nadine Flumberghast

    Nadine Flumberghast (Hayley Reynolds) is D.W.'s imaginary friend. She portrays D.W.'s conscience, and usually appears when D.W. feels guilty, scared, or angry. She is 4 years old in appearance, but D.W. only invented her 1 year ago. Both D.W. and Nadine are aware that Nadine is imaginary. However, Kate, Mei-Lin, animals, and other characters' imaginary friends can see and communicate with her. One episode shows D.W. with her when she's much older, while another shows that D.W. does not need Nadine as much as she used to. She is a brownish-yellow squirrel. She has long platinum white blonde hair styled exotically in three pigtails and small buck teeth. She can create imaginary items and they can appear/disappear with magic. Her last name was revealed to be "Flumberghast" in the episode, "Read and Flumberghast".

    Alberto Molina

    Alberto Molina is a 13-year-old teenage boy who is 10 years older than his sister Vicita and one of a family of four, who are Arthur's neighbors. He is a dark brown cat. He became a character during season six, following the departure of Mr. Sipple. Alberto and his family hail from Ecuador. He practices kendo in his spare time, and enjoys reading El Conejo Bionico, the Spanish version of Bionic Bunny. In a continuous storyline spanning throughout the entire Season 14, his soccer ball, lost by Francine, makes a prolonged journey around the world, and can be spotted as it appears in every episode.

    Catherine Frensky

    Catherine Frensky is Francine's 16 year old sister. Catherine is outgoing and skilled at horseback riding. She occasionally house-sits for The Reads.

    Chip Crosswire

    Chip Crosswire is Muffy's older brother who is a college student at Tallahassee Tech, a fictional school. He was first shown in Muffy's family portrait in the book Arthur Goes to Camp that was published in 1982, and his name was first subtly revealed on "Arthur's Perfect Christmas" (there were separate Christmas stockings for Chip and Muffy side by side in their fireplace), but was later directly mentioned in the episode "Phony Fern". He wears a blue v-neck college sweater and a white turtleneck underneath. His first appearance was in "Matchmaker, Matchbreaker" when he comes home from college, where Muffy and Francine introduce him to Francine's sister Catherine. He's 18 years old.


    Cheikh is Brain's cousin from Senegal who moves to Elwood City in the episode "In My Africa" and begins attending D.W.'s preschool, and is befriended by her and also co-creates a song about Africa with her and his older cousin. He is around the same age as D.W.

    James MacDonald

    James MacDonald is Molly's younger brother, 4 years old. He is in Ms. Morgan's class at daycare, and is often shy. He is sometimes annoyed by D.W. In one episode D.W. would bug him to kiss her, thinking it would make her a princess. It is implied he has a crush on D.W., but this is never verified. Despite this, they are very good friends and enjoy being together.

    Lydia Gordon

    Lydia Gordon (originally Lydia Fox in Connor's entry) is a physically disabled and highly intelligent fox girl who helps Brain get over his temporary confinement to a wheelchair in "The Wheel Deal." Through her tutoring, he learns how to play basketball using only one arm, and almost wins a charity game of free-throws (though Lydia winds up taking over for the last few shots). Lydia Gordon's character was created by a viewer of the show named Connor, the winner of a contest.

    Marina Datillo

    Marina Datillo is Prunella's best friend, in 4th grade at Mighty Mountain Elementary School. She is a white dog[5] that bears a resemblance to Maria, except that Marina is visually impaired. A fan of Henry Skreever, She and Prunella met when Prunella unwillingly received a Braille edition of the latest release and let Marina borrow it, and since then they have become inseparable. Marina is notably good at yoga and soccer and joined Prunella and her mother, Wanda, in their early-morning yoga routine.

    Mei-Lin Barnes

    Mei-Lin Barnes is Binky's baby sister and Baby Kate's best friend, 1 year old, who was adopted from China. Her best friend currently is Kate. In her debut episode (at the Chinese restaurant), she was talking to Baby Kate. She and her brother are very close to each other.

    Molly MacDonald

    Molly MacDonald (Maggie Castle) is close friends with Binky, 9 years old. She is a white rabbit, one of the antagonists, a senior member of the Tough Customers, and the sister of James MacDonald. She is good at giving advice, but dislikes the fact that everybody comes to her for it. Molly has a maroon hair that completely covers her eyes (they can be briefly seen in several episodes), giving her a rebellious appearance. She has a younger brother named James who is in D.W.'s preschool class. She became friends with D.W. and Arthur eventually, but both sides have agreed to keep this secret from their friends.


    Rattles is another member of the Tough Customers, and is one of the antagonists. He is 9 years old, Rattles has been a Tough Customer member since the first season. He is a grey dog. He wears a backwards baseball hat, black leather jacket, green T-shirt, blue jeans and high tops. He speaks with a Northern New Jersey accent. It was revealed in "Arthur Unraveled" that he has an affinity for knitting.

    Rubella Deegan

    Rubella Deegan (Eramelinda Boquer) is Prunella's older teenage sister. She is very spiritual and practices psychic and paranormal phenomena. She is typically depicted as mystical, and she often talks in a very dramatic tone. She often chides in on Prunella.

    Sally MacGill

    Sally MacGill is Arthur's babysitter in "Crushed". Sally is 16 years old. Arthur had a crush on Sally but became jealous after finding out that she had a boyfriend.

    Vicita Molina

    Vicita Molina (Alyson Wener) is Arthur's new neighbor, 3? years old. Younger sister of Alberto Molina who moved in after Mr. Sipple moved out, introduced in sixth season. She often plays with D.W. and the Tibbles. Her family is from Ecuador.

    Ladonna Compson

    Ladonna Compson (Krystal Meadows) is a new female character who first appeared in season 16, in the two-part episode entitled "Based on a True Story". She is a new student at Lakewood Elementary, and she appears to be 8 years old. According to a recently-released PBS online video, Ladonna is a rabbit with brownish tan complexion who speaks with a dominant southern accent, and is native to Louisiana. When she first came to Lakewood, she told fanciful stories about her life to make friends, until she was caught making a factual mistake in a story she was making up. She later redeemed herself after a racoon stole her hat, and she proved it to Arthur. After this, she has become a member of the gang. She is the first new character of the series animated by 9 Story Entertainment.

    Bud Compson

    Bud Compson is Ladonna's younger brother, who also first appeared in "Based on a True Story". At first, he had trouble becoming friends with D.W., however he eventually succeeded. He is known for the "Bud Compson Power Stare", where he stares at someone for a long time, until whomever he's staring at runs off in terror or follows his orders. The Tibble Twins were the first to have the power stare used on. He attends the same preschool as D.W.

    Cousin Cora

    Cousin Cora: Arthur and D.W.'s cousin who appears in "D.W. Thinks Big". She is 6 years old. She acts like a brat when she's alone with D.W. but acts like a nice girl when adults are around. Her bratty nature is later exposed at a wedding.

    Cousin Mo

    Monique "Mo" is Arthur's oldest cousin, whom Arthur remembers when she had been awful to him in the past reunions and tries to avoid her, until it is revealed that Mo isn't as bad as Arthur thought. She, like Arthur, plays the piano, and claims that Arthur is her favorite relative. So far, Monique is a one-off character who only appears in "Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe". She's 12 years old.


    Arthur's Family

    David L. Read (Bruce Dinsmore) is Arthur, D.W. and baby Kate's father. Mr. Read runs a catering business from home and is frequently shown garnishing trays of hors d'œuvre either in the family kitchen or in a custom-designed workshop behind the garage. He also has a yellow commercial vehicle. Many of his recipes are questionable at first glance, and Arthur and D.W. often refuse to eat them, but at times they genuinely appreciate his cooking. He is shown in a white sweater with blue accents and khaki pants, and sometimes has an apron and chef's hat on. In the books, he generally wears different clothes.Jane Read (Sonja Ball) is Arthur, D.W., and Kate's mother. She has two younger sisters, Jessica and Lucy, and an older brother, Fred. Her father is Grandpa Dave. Mrs. Read is a work-at-home tax accountant. Jane is very loving and caring, but firm. She has shaggy brown hair and wears a pink sweater with a white collared shirt and blue jeans. In the books, she generally wears different clothes. She is also from the Pittsburgh area, and knew Fred Rogers as a child.Grandma Thora Read (Joanna Noyes) Grandma Thora is Arthur, D.W., and baby Kate's paternal grandmother and Loretta and David's mother, who is quite caring, but is a poor cook, as revealed in the episode "The Half-Baked Sale." Despite this, she was able to bake Arthur's birthday cake in one episode. She is a columnist.[citation needed] In a flashback in Clarissa is Cracked, Thora had three brothers. Gramdma Thora is David Read's mother. It is revealed in "April 9th" that she had gotten in a car accident (but was not hurt) when David was Arthur's age. Grandma Thora is based on Marc Brown's own grandmother Thora, who encouraged him by saving his childhood drawings in a bottom drawer.Grandpa Dave: an aardvark. Grandpa Dave is Arthur, D.W. and baby Kate's maternal grandfather and the father of Fred, Jane, Jessica, and Lucy. He lives on the family farm in the country, which has been in the family for over 150 years. In "Grandpa Dave's Memory Album", he is revealed to be in the early stages of Alzheimer's Disease.Thora's mother: She is also David Read's maternal grandmother and Arthur, D.W., and baby Kate's paternal great-grandmother. She is seen as young woman in "Clarissa is Cracked" and as an elderly grandmother in "Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe", where she wins the egg and spoon race.Jessica: The older of Jane's two younger sisters, the middle of Dave's three daughters. She is married to a man named Richard and has a daughter named Cora. She appears once in the episode "D.W. Thinks Big" for her sister Lucy's wedding. She also spoils her daughter Cora and takes her side even when she's wrong.Loretta: Arthur's paternal aunt, David's sister. She is somewhat overbearing and excessively uses the word "dear" when speaking to Arthur's mother during her only appearance in "Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe".Lucy: The youngest of Jane, Fred, and Jessica's sisters, and Dave's youngest daughter. She appears in the episode "D.W. Thinks Big", where she is married, and D.W. saves her wedding ring. She is an aardvark with blonde hair. In the episodes "Go to Your Room, D.W.", "D.W.'s Perfect Wish", "D.W. Unties the Knot", and "Grandpa Dave's Memory Album", Arthur and D.W. mistakenly refer to Lucy as their cousin instead of their aunt.

    A through M

    Mr. Armstrong: Sue Ellen's father, a retired diplomat. His job has forced him to move all across the world. However, he and his family enjoy the travel opportunities that come with it.Mrs. Armstrong: Sue Ellen's mother; She is a homemaker with a penchant for exotic clothes.Bailey: Bailey is Muffy's chauffeur and sometimes the Crosswire Family's butler. He also has a notable talent in creating kinetic art, and follows Muffy's orders without question, to the extent of narrating a TV show during a power overload by using the limo's TV and phone. Another example is when he is ordered to drive the limo in quite dangerous fashion and whenever he has to carry several bags of luggage. The harshest instruction he has received is to tow Muffy while on a bicycle. He was originally called James. The name Bailey is based on the Arthur show director Greg Bailey. He is a gray bloodhound in a dark gray suit.Becky: She is an aardvark and is a Meadowcroak camp counselor. Bears an identical resemblance to a librarian who works for Ms. Turner.Ed Billings: Neighbor of Grandpa Dave's. He always offers to help Dave around his aging farm, but Dave was too proud to accept it until his grandchildren showed him the value of accepting help from others to which Dave asks Ed what he knows about tractor engines.Bubby: (Joan Rivers) Francine and Catherine's maternal grandmother who was first seen in the background during Arthur's Perfect Christmas. In the Season 12 episode, "Is that Kosher?", she was finally recognized as an official character. She returns in "Grandpa Dave's Memory Album".Mr. Barnes: Binky's father. He is revealed to work in a copy shop in the game Arthur's 2nd Grade.Mrs. Barnes: Binky's mother, a nurse. She is very protective over her son, as seen especially in the episode "Binky Goes Nuts".Bitzi Lynn Baxter: Buster's mom, who is divorced. She is the editor-in-chief of the Elwood City Times. She's over-protective of Buster and a frantic character, but has settled down a bit in later seasons. (In the early Arthur books, she had blonde hair, although the later books and TV show depicted her with auburn hair.)Bo Baxter: Buster's father, who is divorced. He is a pilot. Buster flies with him around the United States in the spin-off Postcards from Buster series. In Postcards from Buster, he is shown with short brown hair and glasses. However, his physical appearance has changed several times, and early appearances was partially concealed by various methods, such as reading a newspaper, Buster covering his eyes while on his shoulders, or Bo meeting him dressed as Santa Claus.Buster's Grandmother: Buster's maternal grandmother. Seen briefly in "Buster Makes the Grade" and the Postcards from Buster episode "Among the Hmong".Miss Blank: A past substitute teacher of Mr. Ratburn's class. She was the class' favorite substitute teacher because she never showed up and the class had to be taught by Miss Sweetwater, who let them do coloring and gave them snacks.[6]Coach Bumpus: A Lakewood Elementary School Gym Coach who was mainly seen in earlier episodes. He is a rabbit. He often argues with Coach Grimsled over petty things like the last line of The Itsy Bitsy Spider.Mrs. Bofini: A past substitute teacher

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