Why do they call it "The terrible twos"? Is there more than one two?

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    Terrible twos referes to a period in the toddler's life where he starts asserting some independence. He is more conscious of his environment and starting to know what he wants. Alot of TTs will say NO to everything.  They grab and scream and embarrass the parents in public by throwing fits.  It's kind of like they know what they want but they aren't able to express themselves well.  When a little kid is being really BRATTY, someone may ask how old the child is.  If the answer is "2",  it all makes sense.  Terrible Twos.

    I don't know why they call it terrible,I think it's a great time in a kids life.They seem to develop quickly at that stage,They are funny and you can really have a great time with them. It makes me chuckle when I hear my 2 year old GD repeat one of my sayings or tell her mother "It's OK 'cause grandad says so".

    Enjoy it while you can.You don't get 2 goes at it.

    The terrible twos is when a baby is two or near that two years where they have tantrums and misbehave as they start to be come more dominate they also become very frustraited due to not be able to comunicate as well as they would like to all part of growing up I know teenagers who have never grown out of this!


    G'day and good night Mel.
    ed shank

    I've known a few adults who also never grew out of this.

    thanks ed me to! lol

    Forget the terrible two's,  the independant three's is worse.


    Oh my goodness! That is only 11 months away.

    I love my little ones to death, but at two they were a pain in the ass.

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