is it right to greet your ex happy birthday after you just broke up with him?

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    Sure. Why not ?

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    Of shows you have no hard feelings over the break up.




    Thanks Colleen.

    Just about everybody deserves a "Happy Birthday"

    Who broke up with who?

    If you dumped him NO! he will just think you are trying to rub it in.

    If he dumped you then I think a BD greeting would say,"Look no hard feelings OK,sorry it didn't work out & all that". This may also say,"I'm still interested" so be sure you want to send that message.

    Looking at the big picture tho you are probably better off to leave well alone & just move on.

    Break ups are usually hard on one or the other so why prolong the pain.


    Only if his new girlfriend is really ugly.

    I think a greeting is appropriate if you happen to "run into" each other.  Sending a BD Card is in bad taste if you are broken up - key word - broken up.

    I would like to believe there is always the love but I broke up with someone once and it was ugly.  He couldn't stand the rejection and he went out of his way to make my life miserable for five years.  If I were to send a birthday greeting to this man after we broke up it would only open a door to a world of discomfort.

    I think you have to be careful...but if you love someone then send a card.  Not enough people take the time out to write a card, buy a stamp and go to the mail box.


    What you had was a control freak and a stalker. Not typical for all men. Kikay sounds young, so I'm assuming her ex is young also. I don't think she would have the same fears to face. Sorry you caught such a bad one. My first was a controlling person also along with being abusive. I didn't send her a birthday greeting after I finally got smart and dumped her. I realized however, that though I thought I was deeply in love with her, I was more trying to fix her and that was not something I could do. She never really loved me, she just wanted to control me. No reason for a birthday greeting when you know this. ;)

    If you had a bad break up then it might have a negative effect... a reminder that you broke up with him.

    If you are still interested and he is as well that birthday greeting might open the door again.

    Sometimes it is better to walk away.


    Where there is love, there is always love even if the relationship fails. I would rather be remembered by someone I love than to be ignored by them. I think being ignored would hurt a lot more because, even if the relationship didn't work out, I'd be wondering...where is the love?

    "after you just broke up with him"  I am a literal person, so what I am reading is that YOU initiated the breakup with HIM.  You don't say how he responded, so I'm going with idea that he was hurt and/or angry with you. 
    If that is the case, I don't see the point of issuing a birthday greeting when you chance to meet. I don't see the point of sending a birthday card.  I don't see the point of MAKING a point of being in any situation where you COULD say happy birthday.



    I think she still likes him

    I'm becoming reclusive, so weary of this kind of stuff.

    Do you think the control is their form of showing love.  An ownership=love thing. 

    Love is all around and your dogs are very cute.

    Have a super day.


    No, I think people like that are quite incapable of loving. Perhaps with meds and a lot of therapy, they might be taught how to love but love is something deeper than teaching. I think they are just so broken they will never know how to feel it or generate it.

    Thanks, my dogs think they are cute too, lol They are good boys though :)

    You have a super day too!

    Yes, absolutely, but only generally,....meaning no hidden innuendos or games. Just sincere wish for a good birthday for someone you care about. 

    Sure and tell him/her that you hope this year is a great one for them (regardless of who broke up with who)

    Depends on how NASTY the break up was.

    If you happen to be tying your EX to a train track and its also his birthday, then by all means, wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

    Then high tail it outta there!

    I was told he never wanted me to contact him again so in my case, no.

    Sure. It can't hurt. And it sounds like you still  like him.

    It's ok as long as you understand your true intentions of wishing him a happy birthday and not manipulating him in any way, with regards to his present life now.

    Yes. Kindness never goes out of style.

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