If frogs and bees are an idication that we are not taking care of the planet then why are we, as a whole, not more proactive about the health of our planet?

    ...And why are people who actually care deemed a bit freakish...tree hugging bike riders in tight shorts and all that...eating organic apples and generally sticking out like a sore thumb?

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    Hi Fish girl brilliant question

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    Acid rain is releasing the earths mineral aluminum wich contaminates  waterways and crops.. It   is linked to many diseases in humans and deformities in animals and also theire diasappearance. Bees disappearance has been linked to noxious energyfields and overelectrification of our planet and is affecting the earth own electromagnetic fields.  Sadly while technology has been advanced at a great rate of speed, it is also causing diseases in man and animals, never seen before. I think you can draw your own conclusion of how long it will sustain life on earth.

    Hi fish girl  if you look at some of my questions that i have posted you will get my answer I like to think we havent lost our Mother Earth but I feel it a bit late though I dont think its all Doom and Gloom yet yes your right there is less Bees now than lets say three years ago and as for the frogs I  have noticed that they too seem to be fewer than last year I have a pond and I do my up most to save every last Tadpole a lot of people think that the birds and the bees and the frogs dont matter IT Does  Matter very much for Man kind to survive, another thing is that there is a world shortage on worms if there were no worms in the world we would soon die so you tell me if I am wrong and I know you will be agreeing with me as you would have never posted  the question if you didnt care about Mother Nature I am sorry if I came across angry but I really do care for Mother Earth I still want to save her wish only thank you for posting this question


    good answer. lol!

    Hi Pamela thank you you have agood weekend lolove

    Mel, I agree with you. I am well aware what is going on around us. I used to have Tooads, one particular one who used to sit on my steps at night and listened to classical music and we named him Mozart. There is not one around this year and also all the bats are gone. The birds came back for a short time and are gone again and so are the squirrels now. It is very frightening to think "Why?"

    Thanks Ann for your comment I have noticed my frogs this year they are dwindeling out it is so scarry and how robins I have only seen them once this year they do come round when they have there babies and show of I am so worried your Mozart he sound divine have agood weekend Ann :-)

    You're right, fish girl.  We adults sometimes don't act responsibly.  The paucity of the bee and frog population is surely an indication that the air and streams are mostly polluted these days.  We need to wake up and act responsibly.

    As to organic apple eating bikers?  They probably would like to stay healthy, and they are.  The exception is that many bikers grind their testicles a lot while riding their bikes, so much so that many of them end up with testicular cancer.

    Good question, fish girl.  If young people that come through here can all think like you, we wouldn't need us.   :)  Thx.


    Ooooh I hadn't thought of the testicular cancer thing.
    Now there is a good invention waiting to happen...seriously safe bike seats for those enthusiasts with testicles.
    Revolutionary. The seat may look odd at first but then again, so did bike helmets.
    You are a genius.

    You think so? Hey, those testicles come in many sizes: super tiny, tiny, small, medium, large, extra large, and behemoth sizes. You have to invent something for us all.

    I'm sorry fish girl, I see no correlation between the bees and the frogs as a threat to the planet. Ironically, I will say this, today I went to the park for lunch, I was swarmed by 'yellow jacket' bees, I moved to another table, they were there too, then got in my car and went to the other end of the park, about 500 yards, they were there too, so here in CA we haven't a bee problem at all..  They are out in groves.. 


    I am not saying the bees and frogs are a threat to the planet. I am saying the lack there of...I am glad you have found so many. I have the yellow jacket type here and we consider them wasps...totally different. They eat the rotting fruit. No pollination happening there.
    The frog thing is a water issue. Phosphates and all that.
    So, now I have a question about those yellow jacket things obviously...I thought they were closely related to hornets.

    You are correct, they aren't bees but rather 'wasps'- as far as their relation to the hornet, I am not certain about that. At this time of year, the 'yellows' are on a feeding and foraging frenzy to gather food for the queen that will hibernate thru the winter, the workers will die off at first frost. "Long Live the Queen". Yellows are very aggressive and will attack to protect the nest, kill or injure one, you will find yourself in some serious trouble as they immediately release an 'attack pheromone' that will signal other to swarm anything or anybody.. If you swat one on your clothes you will have that pheromone on you and they attack you repeatedly..

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