Do bears have a weakness?

    Does a bear have a weakness under hand to hand combat with a human?

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    Yeah. They all gotta bear bottom.

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    They do paw to paw combat with a human and those paws are damn big and strong! I wouldn't want to ever mess with any bear however I imagine if he's kicked in the family jewels that might stop him


    hahahaha, 'family jewels', funny :D

    ole hipster

    Thought you'd like it!

    Of course, any bear's weak spot is a pot of honey! Never watched Winnie The Pooh? ;)

    wouldn't even contiplate it,its too "unbearable"



    Is it OK to booo this? LOL

    Hunger. They will rip out a window frame to get into your home if you forget to take out the trash. Since then the wife has allowed the shotgun next to my bed again.

    A huge black bear got into my VW Beatle while camping near by. It ate the steering wheel cover and the seat. Had problems getting out and broke the windshield, three side windows and managed to get the brake released. The trip down hill to the creek below was upsetting and it seemed the bear may drown in the car as it rolled over in the creek. But then the passenger side door broke away from the car body and the bear fell out. After swatting the car a few times like it was going to fight back he ambled off into the woods...the bears weakness?....Peppermint candy in the glove box, pop corn under the seat. Bears are not good drivers...their weakness.

    Bear in mind this is a newer product. Bears are very fast and can be on your position in few seconds, running at over 30mph. If you're not a dead shot with a gun, under extreme pressure, you may want to consider another option besides a gun. There is a company that makes a Bear Spray, Like pepper spray, but for bears. It's extremely effective, maybe more effective than a gun. Hipster didn't you mean,"hand to paw combat?" Sorry didn't mean to emBearass you?

    Dunno, Winnie the Pooh always has a weakness for honey.......

    Well I heard of a man who wanted to shoot a bear and was told bears are very curious. So to attract a bear this bloke went into the woods and stood there with his rifle in one hand and with the other arm made a waving motion as if calling the bear to come saying whoo hoo as he did so . Sure enough a bear came towards him and when the man tried to shoot his rifle misfired, The bear grabbed the man and started to crush the man, Thinking outside the square the man reached down and found it was female bear so the man started to tickle mrs bears dicky dido. Mrs bear released her grip and went all swooney, the man ran off and when he looked back the bear was waving for him to come back and calling whoo hoo.


    Thats the dumbest yet funniest bear story I've ever heard. TU

    YES........BEAR PORN. :)



    Hmmm, I'm not sure I believe you.

    Send the idea to mythbusters and see if they're willing to try it out, lol

    Ms Sinclair

    Lol leeroy. Good one.


    If you play "Bear Naked Ladies on your stereo," they will start dancing, that will give you a chance to escape.

    I think the nose is a weak spot...if you could bash them good across the nose, I believe it would turn and run.

    ed shank

    "I think" a little to vague for me, should you find out for real, let me know.

    Lol...didn't quite notice the uncertainty until now. I have heard that the nose is the most sensative spot on the bear. I honestly have had no personal run in that I have needed to test out this "heard" knowlege, but sounds like it really makes sense.;)



    Yogi can't pass one up..

    Maybe if it's a male bear.

    Depends on the kind of bear. Black bears are more like raccoons and tend to climb to get away from humans, but polar bear hunt man like seals. Some Eskimo villages like Barrow, warn visitors not to go beyond certain places because polar bears are looking for human meat. Friends of mine, who lived in Barrow, said it was important to pay attention to your dogs as you were walking through the ice fog because the dogs would know, before you ever would, if a polar bear was out there. One lady I know was washing dishes (keep in mind the houses are on six foot stilts to keep the houses from melting the permafrost under them) looked out the window over the sink and had a polar bear looking in at her. She screamed, dropped the dish she was washing and ran into the other room for safety.

    Alaskans now are using special "bear dogs" for safety. These little dogs are one of the only breeds which will attack a grizzly. They are very effective.

    Bear pepper spray will get a small brown and black bear to go away from you, but some evidence shows Grizzly bears actually like the taste of pepper spray. Local Alaskan's know the best defense with Grizzly are not to either surprise a bear, or be surprised by one, so they wear bear bells so that the bears will the people come.

    If attacked by a bear, you will either die, survive, or kill. Only you will decide at that time and nothing anyone else tells you will matter. Weakness? Yes, noise and size. Make yourself as big as possible, don't run, don't turn around, but back away slowly while yelling at the bear. Yep, that's the best thing you can do. But if you run, they'll chase you like a dog.

    Black bears climb trees, grizzly knock them down. So if you decide to climb to safety, pick a big, big tree, and climb very high.

    I've seen plenty of bears when I lived in Alaska, and never had any problem because I followed these rules laid down by countless others before me.

    "What one man can do, another man can do." The Edge a descent movie. It was those spears that were the Kodiac's weakness. Watch the movie before you go out looking for bear.

    Yes, Jay Cutler!

    Yes, Jay Cutler!!

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