anyone else got a nightmare pet???

    my clarias catfish has given me nothing but headaches this past few days!Yes,he is beautiful but i feel a frying pan coming on!!!!

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    Leomami.I love fish do you mind sending over half I"LL take head first.It might have more brains.My wife would be vey happy about that .By the way i like oven cooked with herbs.
    country bumpkin

    We are going out for all you can eat catfish tonight. Yummy!

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    I have nightmare pest. Opossums....  Thankfully, I have a big dog that doesn't like them either...

    and yes!  I have a nightmare pet but she looks like a stuffed animal so she gets away with her horrible habits.  I do think she is mentally challenged and choose to believe the things I can't train out of her are because she can't get beyond them.  She is a very odd dog. 

    He's a territorial fish...go by the salt water inch of fish per 10 gallons of water and make sure he has lots of hiding places.  You probably won't see him much but he will be happy.   ... Oh and don't fry him up.  He's been in a fish tank for a long time and his flesh will be mushy.  Not good eating I'm afraid.

    I did have when my staffordshire bull terrier was a puppy.The damage to my furnishings was enough to make you cry,but she is a good girl now and i forgive her.

    not some the pet..but what he leaves behind can be a nightmere...

    How can a catfish give nothing but headaches?!?  Just curious........

    Is your clarius catfish eating other fish?  Is he trying to escape?  Maybe he needs bigger digs.

    its 3 years since he ate my fish!!what made it worse is he was only little then! hes in a lovely tank now,big bow fronted thing,its when you try to catch him he makes to jump,never bothers when im de algaeing him,odd that...

    he is a nightmare our fish!!! as a baby he gobbled up my goldfish,since then hes been on his own but now hes a good 16" long and has just flitted again to a massive tank.the last time he changed tanks he jumped out of his bucket and had a run round the living room carpet!!(not joking,the common name is walking catfish.)On the up side hes absolutely beautiful,i may curse him out but wouldnt want to not have him!

    thats true!!what annoys me is i clean up after my dog when we go on the field near our house.Youd be surprised how many people dont seem to.So why do i get dirty looks??Annoys me!!!!


    Just returned from walking my dog. Someone left a large pile of poo right in the middle of the sidewalk. Really inconsiderate!

    Only if you can count a Jack Russell terrier with a foot fetish! Oh and a ball python named Earl.

    i couldnt eat him!!!!itd be like eating  my dog!!!!wish i knew how to get pictures of him on here,hes gorgeous!!Get pictures?i havent found the apostrophe key yet!!!!!And well not even mention capital letters!!!


    They are really nice cat fish and you are lucky that he is friendly. I love catfish. All sorts. Useful actually and very cute.

    country bumpkin no no no!!!!!!!you cannot eat my catfish!!!!but  if you ask me very nicely ill let you stand at the side of his tank and call him!!!rattling his food pot always gets his attention too! :) (i ought to give you an upside down smile AND thumbs down for even THINKING about eating him!!!!) itd be like eating family!mind you ,on balance.........!

    ole hipster

    You are too lovely for words my friend!!!....(:

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